Daily Prompt: The Interview – Olivia Pope

So here goes a quick stab at the daily prompt over at The Daily Post.

I’d sit here and write away but it’s almost 1am.  The only reason I’m still up is I’m waiting for my hair to dry a bit.  I got a notice that we’re getting a boiler upgrade tomorrow which may lead to hot water and heat interruptions.  I’m not risking it and I’d really rather not take a shower at work.

I was thinking of doing Jack Bauer at first.  Too complicated.  Too long a story to tell.  And just as I was going through the existing list of entries already written, one name popped up: Olivia Pope.  I’m talking about the lead character in my current favorite of favorites of all TV shows  — SCANDAL, which is another Shonda Rhimes creation.

This is one show I don’t mind watching over and over again, even in one sitting.  When there’s no other show that catches my fancy, I just hit restart as the episode ends.  When the show is on haitus, I run the previous season over and over again.

I like Olivia Pope because she’s a very smart and strong heroine.  A lawyer who doesn’t practice law but instead runs a crisis management office under the banner of Olivia Pope and Associates.  She is a complicated woman who is in love with the incumbent President who has a first lady who is fighting tooth and nail to keep her man because of her own personal ambitions.

So I imagine us sitting at the park where she usually sits with Cyrus, the sitting Chief of Staff.  She’d be holding her coffee, and maybe so would I.

Then her phone would ring and she’d tell me, “I’m sorry, it’s the White House…I have to go.”

Interview postponed for another day. (To be continued…)

Songs on the Tube

I hope I’m not dating myself referring to a television as the “Tube”.  (Me — conscious of age?  nah…)

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve taken to picking up songs from my favorite shows.  Because of this, I’ve discovered some great artists, old and new, who have provided me new songs to love and listen to.

It was because of the season ender of Criminal Minds that I discovered the musical genuis of Lily Kershaw and the haunting song, As It Seems.  I can’t wait for more songs from her and an official website, but she is active on Twitter @Lily_Kershaw and on Facebook.

My most recent “discovery” is from Covert Affairs where another lady sang a different version of Searching For A Heart, which I later discovered was by Rebecca Pidgeon.  I googled the lyrics and found a version by Don Henley which seems to be the more popular one.

I actually listen and try to recall a line or “hook” as they call it from the show and literally google the string of words until I come up with the correct title and the right version.

It’s ironic, though, that I have yet to pick up any song from my current most favorite shows  Suits and Scandal.  I’ve watched the season ender of Scandal a dozen times by now and they’re not so heavy into background music beyond the score.

I can’t wait for Kerry Washington (playing Olivia Pope) and the team to come back in Season 2.  For now, I’m enjoying Gabriel Macht (as Harvey Specter) & Patrick J. Adams (playing Mike Ross) in SUITS every Thursdays.

These are the shows that draw me to watch TV these days.  I don’t usually grab a hold of the remote because between the two boys, I hardly have time to watch — except when they’re both dozing off to dreamland together.  Angelo, though, makes allowances for when these shows are on — but he can’t help but chide me for watching their “on demand” episodes over and over again.  There’s a little bit of “me” in these shows that strike a heart string or two when I watch them.  For weeks, I’ve been vacillating between writing about them and why I like them so much, but there’s just too much in there to write about, so I’ve chosen to leave it be.  For now.