Once upon a time…

I put up a website that turned out to be a business experiment.  I knew some HTML, I could create amateur webpages, and I thought, maybe I can do something that would put the “Filipino” and the “New York” parts of me together.  So I put up what I called an “East Coast Pinoy Hub Online”.  Looking back now, I ried to be too many things all at the same time.  I wanted to be an online store, a Filipino Entrepreneurial Directory, a music store both for Indie bands here and American indie acts playing the subways of New York, an e-zine for Pinoys, and a whole lot of other things.  So in the end the many facets of the “hub” fizzled out, then I had a baby which put everything on hold.  End of story.  Or so I thought..

I never let the domain go, and I have kept the webhosting account alive all these years.  And here I am again, trying to figure out what it is I want to do with the website.  So I’ve ressurected the website with a cover page and a promise of more things to come.  I’m exploring a few possibilities in the horizon, and more seriously considering and studying what I want to get into this time.

I want to put the Small Business Planning course I took years ago to good use and actually come up with a more solid business plan.  During this time of economic uncertainty, expensive experiments are out of the question.  While I am willing to put in some capital into what I want to do and accomplish eventually, I don’t have that much resources to risk in a possible loss.

Looking back now, the effort was valliant but truly amateurish.  Even the website as drawn before is nothing compared to the websites I’ve come up with in the years after.  But the lessons learned will hopefully help me make it work better this time. 

Any bright ideas out there?

The Business Side of Little Old Me

I have a couple of business ideas running through my head which I have been toying with lately.  Since one of the ideas of having this blog is to help me “concretize my thoughts” and translate them into action (HA!), I thought it would be a good idea to write them down and develop them into something I can work on.  (Perhaps help me flesh out exactly what I want to do..)

The name “Pinay New Yorker” is something I started using some two years ago.  I had bought the domain Portalpinoy.com and was putting together a website (crude and confusing but it’s my own!) and one of the portions I had was meant to be for “Pinay NewYorker Gear”.  I have never gotten down to doing anything with that.  In fact, my website (portalpinoy.com) and another domain I use (portalnyc.com) are still existent although I have not touched them in ages.  (Motherhood again..)

My initial idea for the website has “evolved” and I would like to think, is now more refined.  One of my major projects is to redesign the website and to fine tune its concept and limiting its offerings.  That will take some redoing but it’s nothing that I cannot make time for.  Besides, the site has lain dormant forever, and my excuse of Motherhood is no longer viable given that the baby is now a year old.  It’s about time I started to try and make money out of what I worked so hard to put together two years ago.

Back to the concept of “Pinay New Yorker” — with summer around the corner, I’m thinking of doing one-of-a-kind pieces I can sell.  I will start experimenting with the various materials in my head and see what I can come up with.  I remember when I was in high school and it was just around the time of the punk rock era (I guess that gives away my age.. ) — there was a local artist in Manila who handpainted white t-shirts which sold like hotcakes.  (I can’t remember who now..)  I’m no Picasso but I figure I can toy with some ideas in my head.  I am planning to come up with some sample works I can give away to friends.  I have a marketing plan in my head.  Now if only I could start working on this project.  (Let me get my childcare issues taken cared of and my boy’s first birthday over and done with and I will pursue this in an organized fashion.)

With my penchant for taking photographs of the city, I can certainly meld this together with Pinoy elements.  (Maybe a jeepney cruising through Park Avenue?)  It’ll take some manipulation, but I think it can be done.  Others can just be phrases.  Ideas, ideas..