“No Sweat!” – Keeping cool under fire

One of the few magazines I would actually purchase a hard copy of is “O”, the Oprah Magazine.  I started reading this month’s issue on the bus and caught their page on Contributors, (p 19).

Five contributors were asked to complete four sentences and here I am taking a stab at it.

I used to worry about everything going wrong and hitting rock bottom with desperation.  But then, I realized when it did happened that I could live through it and survive.

When I’m anxious, I tell myself things can only get better.  That no matter how difficult things may get, there will be another day, and the day will come when things will not be as bad as they may be during the worst of times.

My most ridiculous fear is being caught in a picture-worthy moment with some famous celebrity that would make it THE picture of all pictures to broadcast and keep and not have lipstick.  (“Ridiculous” was the operative word here, people.)

There…no sweat!

How would YOU complete the sentences?