Not for lack of trying..

..but I’ve been trying to post here for days on end. It’s just that bits and pieces get lost in draft posts that never get published. One time I even logged on as I was about ready to turn in for bed after midnight — waaaay late for me these days when I try to turn in by 11pm. (Have to make it to work earlier..) And yet when the browser was up and I started to type away, I “lost” the flow.

So here I am again.

I’ve been busy moving myself back to a spot I had occupied before August, but which I had to move out of because the new boss was on another floor, and here I am again because he’s back to my original floor. Musical chairs. I am not complaining — well, not really. I am just grateful I still have the same job, and looks like this one will keep me. (Keeping my fingers crossed.)

In the meantime, I’m trying to go full steam creating, what with a craft fair in the horizon. Plus we are actually trying to seriously plan a trip home, but between Alan’s commitments and projects and my new boss, it’s hard to just say we’re leaving on this date and returning on this one. Luckily, the price of the fare is holding, but with four seats to book, I’m getting nervous we might lose the seats.

Can you believe it’s November already? I hate that TV Patrol keeps counting down the days to Christmas. 55 is it? Wow.. Perhaps it’s the fact that Christmas is literally just around the corner which finally got me started seriously on our holiday card for this year. I declared to Alan while driving to Manhattan early this morning that we must send out our holiday cards by Thanksgiving. I haven’t even planned that far yet, although I’ve made up my mind it’ll be roast chicken, not turkey, just as we did last year.

Have you started your Christmas list yet? I was hoping to send home a balikbayan box but it looks like the holidays crept up on me real fast and made me miss most cut off dates. Johnny Air can no longer commit to a pre-Christmas delivery, and I have LBC telling me that they will try, but cannot guarantee. TRY would be good enough if I didn’t mean to get there before Christmas. IF I get there at all, that is.

So last night I was boldly declaring I might as well just lug everything I meant to bring and keep within the baggage limits instead of sending a box out and hoping that it makes it there on time. Still, I had myself scheduled for pick up. (Fickle-minded me, I know.)

I’ve been busy with my pliers. And fearless as I am, I signed up for Art Journal Every Day again even if I haven’t posted anything at all the last couple of months. (Bad, bad me.. ) I always have reason to be optimistic that I will actually start to post again.

I did finish my zentangled collage flower.  I haven’t had the chance to continue posting its progress but here are the last three pictures.   Finally, some progress!