Monday Musings: Expecting snow yet again

It’s a few minutes past 6am and I have another 15 minutes to let the color mousse in my hair set in — it’s one of those mornings when I have to multitask between breakfast and other routines.  So I thought I’d sit here and write a post in the meantime, and since my brain is still in weekend mode and unable, as yet, to write a full post, let’s do our Monday Musings bit: a collection of snippets I pull together on Mondays.

A good breakfast is having a favorite treat: like giant sesame balls.  I just love sesame balls — or buchi as we call them back home.  I have an Asian grocery a short drive away which has a bakery in house which makes them in this humongous size.  As in tennis ball size!  The only problem is that the Sunday lunch crowd usually grabs them early on, but I was there around 11am yesterday and I managed to get 3.  So I had one for lunch, another for an afternoon snack/part dinner, and one for breakfast today.  Yummy!

So to keep on my weight loss journey, I always switch a treat for a meal or make up for it with extra physical exertion.  That way, I don’t overload on calories and sabotage my fitness goals.  I’m a little disappointed I have plateaued yet again, but I am proud to say I haven’t gained weight despite the occasional indulgence.  This, of course, means that I will have to go on the “shock phase” of my diet yet again to regain my footing and hopefully break through the plateau I’ve hit.

I am thankful for another week — even if they said we’re expecting rain and snow yet again, specifically today.  Everyone back in Manila and in most parts of the world which don’t see snow are so awed by it.  It IS quite a sight when it is falling, more so when it’s a glowing sky above and the snow starts to really accumulate in a thick coat on the ground and everywhere else.  Until you have to walk under it and get to work in the slush or slippery ice. And worse, when things like your iPhone falls on the soft snow and you don’t even hear a thud.  (And it is never returned to you, of course.)

Yes, I lost another phone — and I’m waiting for the replacement.  It’s back to the good old reliable blackberry for me, in the meantime, which I carry anyway as a backup.  The iPhone 5s was on the Good app which was good, but which had to be prompted to refresh unlike the blackberry which keeps refreshing as the mail comes.  The good news is, I’ve been told that the iPhone 6 actually runs on Outlook which should be much, much easier.  (We shall see.)

Again, I hate the hassle of losing almost 2,000 photos on that phone, just when I was about to back it up, having learned from losing thrice that much in pictures the first time I lost one.  (Lesson learned!)

It is heartening to see France uniting against violence in the midst of the terrorist attacks of last week.  I didn’t quite see it but heard about it in the news, and I am sure that the newspapers will be awash with coverage of the weekend demonstrations with the French coming together to show their solidarity as a country sans religious distinctions.  That, to me, was a triumphant declaration that violence will never be tolerated, and that there is a lot of good in humanity out there — no matter how deep the hatred may lie in certain factions of society.

It shows me there is hope that peace will prevail, and that the hand of violence will always be slapped down shackled, if need be, by the voice of the majority.

Of course as a New Yorker, I cannot help but fear that the same things might happen here.  I hope not.  Let this be the one and only incident of such a nature.  That is my prayer.

Well, time to get ready for work.  I hope everyone stays safe.  Let’s say a prayer for those who lost their lives on both sides in the tragic events that occurred in France last week.  Paris is, and will always be, one of my favorite cities.  I hope to one day go back and walk your streets again..

Remembering Paris: one of my rare personal photo treasures -- taken many years ago with a shot from one of the clocks within the Musee D'Orsay showing the Louvre across the Seine.  One day I'll take that third trip to Paris yet and maybe take a better sho

One of my favorite shots of the Louvre from one of the windows outside the clock of the Musee D’Orsay.


Remembering Paris..

Alan is spending the last 5 days of  this two-week business trip in Paris.  Angelo and I miss him dearly and just can’t wait to have him back in New york again by Wednesday.

I pulled out my two scrapbook tomes of our trip to Paris in 2006.  Angelo excitedly looked at the pictures we took as I skimmed through my layouts.  It was like being transported back to a favorite place and a favorite time.  I sighed with a smile on my face as I heard Angelo ask – “Mommy, when are going there?”

I remember how we kept talking about how one day we would walk the streets of Paris with Angelo.  He was too small to bring with us in 2005 and again in 2006.  When we finally travelled to Europe in December of 2007, it was Brussels and Bruge instead.  I have fallen in love with Paris twice over and hope to one day renew my affair with the City of Lights.  It’s a tough sell to Alan because he’s there at least once a year, but I might get lucky.

Meanwhile, I am looking at photographing my scrapbook layouts and digitally uploading them so I have them hard copy and also digitally.  It’s rather tricky photographing the 12×12 layouts and converting them into jpeg files.  The bigger problem is being able to properly acknowledge artistic credits for the various components of digital scrapbooking elements I used.  After all it’s the very point of having spent all that effort creating the scrapbook layout: to preserve the memories.

Every time I go through the layouts and see the photos now digitally reproduced and the bits and pieces of mementos I kept during the trip arranged in a 12×12 paper mat of sorts does indeed bring me back to the feeling and to the sights.  It brings back the feeling of awe, the exhaustion through all the walking, and the longing to go back there.  In time, I tell myself.

Angelo also asked where the scrapbook for Manila happens to be.  Oops.. time to start those scrapbooks, I guess.  Not enough hours in a day.  But they will get done.  More so since I am starting to experiment with creating my own background paper as I am getting into crayons and watercolor.  I am not totally giving up the digital scrapbooking resources I have been relying on but I am beginning to have the confidence to create my own.

I have managed to create some watercolor background paper for inchies which I intend to use as scrapbook and card embellishments — using my growing photo stock. 

I can’t believe the weekend is over.  I had meant to work on posting more items for sale in my Etsy store but I wasn’t able to get that done.  (Keeping my fingers crossed I can get something up between tonight and tomorrow.)  I did manage to pull together two new pieces to sell and a third for myself.  (Happiness is a cluster earring of assorted pink glass crystals.)  Meanwhile I have to clean up and get ready for the coming work week.  Another Monday is here.. hopefully not as wet and windy as the weekend has been.

My first attempt at photographing a scrapbook layout from my Paris 2006 Book
My first attempt at photographing a scrapbook layout from my Paris 2006 Book: Used the front page of a local Paris Magazine, my airline ticket, and captions printed and assembled from paint color chips