40th Birthday Brainstorming

It’s just over a month away but we’re still trying to decide on the size and theme.  Sit down dinner in a private room?  A small party in a hotel suite?  Alternative venue?
 Alan’s given up on the dancing – that will take us away from Manhattan where half his guest list would come from.  (A majority of the people who live in Manhattan don’t own a car because it just isn’t necessary – save for those who make regular trips outside the city, perhaps to summer or winter homes in such destinations as the Hamptons, etc.  Also, parking is such premium space so much so that it is very costly to rent a garage space.)   WengT had suggested a martini party which would appeal to Alan because he loves whipping up his favorite lychee martini.  We will probably have a martini station, but that gets people drunk faster. LOL.. Thanks for the suggestion, Weng. I would find it easier to pull off if we were allowed the use of a suite in Alan’s hotel.  I already know I’m doing an 80s party (both he and I and our friends belong to that era), and I’m doing a CD invitation.  I am going to design the cover/container much like what I did for my mother-in-law’s 75th birthday (which was a fold-in four-flap envelope) and the good news is, I have a ton of artwork/ paper patterns to use now that I am into digital scrapbooking. I just need to know the venue. I already have an idea of the food I’m serving, and we have decided on the souvenir.  We just need to know how many.  (A half bottle of merlot from our favorite Rivendell WInery would be perfect, label customized for the occasion.)   If we hold it in the suite, we can have more games.  If we’re stuck with a restaurant or bar, we’ll stick with socializing. I’m still surfing for party venues in Manhattan.. say for 30-50 people.  Most of the venues I’ve seen are for much bigger parties and functions, but I know I’ll find what I’m looking for in time.  Now if only Alan would finish that guest list he promised me…

Somebody's turning 40 in October

I didn’t really think I would have any more birthday milestones after I turned 18, but then again, I was nowhere close to 40 then.  Well I’m 40 now.  It wasn’t a big celebration but it was meaningful — I had my boys (father and son) and my family was still whole.  My Dad’s not getting any younger, but I got a delayed treat in being able to spend time with him in late April to early May in Manila this year, something I hope to do again sooner than the planned 2008 homecoming.

Besides, my friends are really in Manila, so I told Alan in jest recently he can just throw me a big 50th birthday party 10 years from now in Manila. 

Alan’s the one turning 40 this October, and I’ve already started planning it.  Some of the things we’ve agreed upon is that it will be a small party with close friends (probably 20-30 tops), it will be in the evening, and we’re having some of the food catered.  Alan works for one of the high end hotels here in New York so I suggested we get a suite.  He is going to find out if they will allow us to bring our own food in.  I’ve shortlisted my caterers to two I’ve tried out for bigger office functions, one of which is just a block away from the hotel.  I’ve already toyed with ideas for the invitation, but in the absence of a theme, I really can’t make up my mind just yet.  I have an idea about the souvenir, but again, I need a theme.

I’m actually excited about it because Alan is.  I didn’t even think about throwing him a surprise party anymore because I wanted to involve him in the planning.  So today I am starting a new category just to chronicle planning for this event.  I’ve even thought of games and intend to plan a great evening for everyone, complete with party gear (hats, noisemakers, etc.) and loot bags.  (No candy, of course! LOL)  It will be one grand celebration, and my honey deserves it because he’s really my BETTER HALF.