There will never be another time

Spring Pink

This is part of the gorgeous curtain of flowers now covering one side of our courtyard.  Every day on my way out to the bus stop, I take a moment to snap a picture, and there are marked changed each and every day since the buds sprouted and now that the flowers are in full bloom.

I remember seasons past when I would be hurrying through the walkway, muttering to myself a reminder to take a picture “later”.  Of course, by the time “later” came, the scene I wanted to snap a picture of earlier is already gone.  It’s a truly awesome portrait painted by nature.  I mean to post the pictures of the stages of its flowering and shedding but I want to wait until the flowers start to fall to the ground as they are wont to.  When I have the full set, I will post it here and share the wonders of spring.

Already, gorgeous clusters of blooms have sprouted from Monday’s buds.  I will take yet another set of shots tomorrow.

It’s just another reminder that life slips by so fast.  There really is no such thing as “another time”.  There will never be another time — it just goes and goes.  You let it slip by and it’s gone.

I’m taking a break tonight after working on my folk tale journal earlier during breaks at work.  It feels good not to be running after a deadline.  I do have a deadline, though.  But I’ve been given a reprieve.

So I’m taking a moment to enjoy the flowers.  Even the tulips in Bryant Park are now abloom.  Perfect time to snap away, but life has been hectic at work, and there was so much activity with May Day here in NYC — demonstrators filled the park and the sidewalks and surroundings were awash in blue.  All those cops around made me hear the theme song of  “Blue Bloods” in a loop in my head.

Maybe tomorrow.  (There I go again, falling prey to that trap of thinking “there will be another time”.)

It’s been a while since I last went on my macro-flora photo walks.   I have to get to it soon or I’ll lose out.  Tomorrow, it is!