When you fail again

It’s been a couple of months since the 2018 Bar Exam results came out in May, and I’m sure the world has moved forward for those hopefuls, whether they passed or failed. Through the years before I passed to several years after, I always knew of someone who was waiting on those results. There was a sense of joy for those who hurdled the exam, and a sense of sadness for those who did not. Having known the struggle and having had a particularly challenging bar review and bar exam myself, I can only imagine the heartache and disappointment of not seeing your name on the list of successful board passers. I was one of the lucky ones who made it on my first try.

I still feel envious of those who can and could afford to take a sabbatical from work and devote themselves to reviewing and getting ready for the four weeks of exams 24/7, or even those who can take it slow even just the six months prior. I was only able to do that the four weeks that the exam was on.

It was a long and arduous journey and I clung to blind faith. I prayed and prayed and prayed. I studied and listened to the pre bar week lecture reviews and hung on to every word for dear life. During the exams itself, I had many friends who assisted me and made sure I got home and was fed. They brought me lunch for the breaks in between. And they prayed with me.

I am not a stranger to friends who suffered failure taking the bar exams. It isn’t an easy task to hurdle. And each time I know someone close to me has failed, I feel the pain up close.

I am hopeful. Yet I respect their choice to plod on or not. That is a choice for them to make. I can only stand by their side and support them in the decision they choose. My friend says he’s good.. he has achieved a lot in his career and to that, I agreed. He is already a success, bar exam fail notwithstanding.

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When you don’t make it

I had been checking the net for the 2018 Bar results almost daily for all of April, in anticipation of happy news because of a dear friend of mine who took the Philippine Bar exams in November. This is a friend who has stood by me through thick and thin, and whose resilience and industry inspired me and continues to inspire me.

We met back in college in UP Manila and we became fast friends. We even had pet names for each other and were literally like brother and sister. We were so close and terribly fond of each other that his girlfriend then (who is his wife now) sometimes got jealous of how close we were. Then and even now, we remain to be close at heart even if we practically see each other once a year if I’m lucky– and we greet each other for our birthdays because it falls on the same month. Not quite right after mine like our mutual bestie, but still within. We have a lifetime of stories to tell between us.

Although he entered law school ahead of me, he started working soon after and became a casualty of the dreaded quality percentile index or QPI requirement of the Ateneo School of Law. I knew it wasn’t for lack of smarts, because even in college, he was one of the smartest persons I knew. He didn’t have the Manila private school pedigree of most of us, having grown up in the province, but he could hold his own in the August halls of the state university.

He chose to focus on his career which led to many trials and tribulations, but in time, he rose through the ranks.

Perhaps it was the fact that his children were now about to or had gone to college, or that life, in general, finally slowed down enough for him to return to his pursuit of the law, but he went back to school and finished, then enrolled for the bar review. He had the fire in him and I had complete faith in him. Developments at work allowed him more flexibility to devote time and effort to the review, and I know I was one among many praying for him.

On the evening (here in New York) when the results came out earlier in the day in Manila, I had gone out with some friends and had turned in rather late. The lights were out and I was already in bed making my way to la-la land when it hit me that I had not checked for the results. And I saw that the list was there.. I scoured the alphabetized list and hit the letter of my friend’s last name. I looked again.. and again.. but his name wasn’t there.

My heart sank.

I reached out to our mutual bestie to be sure I wasn’t wrong and I asked him how our friend was doing. I was eager to reach out but was afraid that doing so might hurt more.  This is one of those times when you have to be mindful of the effect of what you say or do to someone going through something.

We finally connected.  He says he is taking it again.  I told him we will pray harder.

I have been deeply saddened knowing how he had wanted this so badly. I know how it feels wanting it — but I was fortunate enough to have gotten it with only one try. I don’t know why I’ve been so emotional about this whole thing, as I find myself being enveloped by mixed feelings.

While I am deeply saddened by his inability to make it, I am also being swept up with this sudden, albeit much delayed, realization of how truly fortunate I was to have made it when I took that leap of faith many moons ago. This was one of those long ago life events that impacted me back then in a different way — and is making me look back with a deeper sense of appreciation so many years later.

I never took it lightly and looked upon that achievement as just run-of-the-mill or just another step forward. It was not something I ever deemed inevitable. It was a big prize I had coveted most of my young adult life. When I bagged it, I knew, even way back then, that it was mostly luck that I managed to achieve what I did: pass the bar on my first attempt, with hardly a structured review. It was, literally, a leap of faith.

It is a humbling thought that once more reaffirms my belief that a higher power is watching over me. While I never took that achievement of passing the Bar with a cursory review and with pure faith in luck and the power of prayer lightly, I have never put that much stock in having done it. To me, the stars just fell into place and that was that. I humbly accepted that it was nothing quite that special beyond the fact that I got some help from above. Looking at it now, though, I am suddenly overwhelmed by the enormity of it as against the loss I feel for my friend.

I am grateful. I always will be. I was blessed then, and I am blessed now. Many years later, that achievement and that gift has been given to me yet again, in a different form. I have been reminded.

Like always, we move on. I pray for him. For all those who suffered the disappointment of not having passed this bar examination. There will be another time.

Good luck, Toks…

The Pinay New Yorker passed the Philippine Bar in 1995 when the passing average was 30.28% with 967 passers making it out of 3,194 examines. This year’s passing average was 25.5% with 1,724 passing out of the 6,748 who took it.
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Congratulations to the Bar passers of the 2017 Philippine Bar Exams

(2018 Philippine Bar Results)

It was a relatively higher passing rate of 25.5 percent, with 1,724 of the 6,748 examiners who took the Bar exams in November 2017 making it through. Congratulations!

Below is the full list of bar exam passers as released by the Supreme Court of the Philippines last April 26, 2018.

1. ABAD, Avalavenia M.

2. ABANGAN, Joan Risel B.

3. ABAPO, Yvonne Aussie I.

4. ABASTA, III, Sancho G.


6. ABDULJALEEL, Sittie Nayilah D.

7. ABDULLAH, Somayyah S.

8. ABE, Roenet Mark D.

9. ABELLANA, Lourde Liz L.

10. ABELLANOSA, Joanna Mae T. 11. ABENOJA, Nadine C.

12. ABES, Charmaine A.

13. ABESAMIS, Aerwin Carlo S.

14. ABESAMIS, Dan Runille M.

15. ABILO, Mark Emmanuel L.

16. ABIQUIBIL, Niña Rose B.


18. ABUD, Gladys D.

19. ACEITUNA, Myra Jean C.

20. ACHARON, Joahanna A.

21. ACMAD, Aznairah O.

22. ACOSTA, Rae Genevieve L.

23. ACOSTA, Ryan P.

24. ACUBA, Demetrio Medino J.

25. ADAN, Queenie Kate T.

26. ADDUN, Madeleine M.

27. ADVINCULA, Michael Caesar A.

28. AFRICA, Alyssa M.

29. AFRICA, Carlo Gino G.

30. AGAD, Al Philip B.

31. AGARIN, Conbelyn I.

32. AGBAYANI, Doris Joy N.

33. AGBAYANI, James Edward C.

34. AGNAR, Maria Shirin T.

35. AGRASADA, Tanya Katrina B.

36. AGUDO, Fermina Carmen A.

37. AGUILAR, Emma Ruby J.

38. AGUILAR, Francis Paul P.

39. AGUNDAY, Norlito, Jr. P.

40. AGUSTIN, Jeremiah Jan F.

41. AGUSTIN, Rasheda L.

42. AGUSTIN, Verlito L.

43. ALAMPAY, Mary Katherene B.

44. ALARKON, Romulo Bernard B.

45. ALAWAS, Kara Russanne D.

46. ALBA, II, Salvador D.

47. ALBACETE, Victoria Marcela F.

48. ALBIENDA, Janssen Michael D.

49. ALBOS, Spencer M.

50. ALCANCIA, Rasel Julia A.

51. ALCANTARA, Chelsea Marife T.

52. ALCANTARA, Eric Stephen T.

53. ALCANTARA, Ma. Carmina Francesca M.


55. ALCID, Kevin Bill L.

56. ALCOVINDAS, George Paul P.

57. ALDECOA, Korina A.

58. ALEMANZA, Mark Anthony M.

59. ALFARAS, Eugene M.

60. ALFEREZ, Karen N.

61. ALFEROS, John Willie U.

62. ALFILER, Nicole S.

63. ALGA, Christie Marie S.

64. ALI, Faizoden P.

65. ALI, Mohaimen U.

66. ALIMAN, Caryl S.

67. ALINGCAYON, Von Claude G.

68. ALIWALAS, Lorielyn M.

69. ALLORDE, Charisse Anne B.

70. ALONZO, Christina Paula V.

71. ALSAGON, JR., Gilbred C.

72. ALTARES, Philip William C.

73. ALVAREZ, Ana Emelita A.

74. ALVAREZ, Janeth B.

75. ALVAREZ, Maria Katrina P.

76. ALVARO, Alvie V.

77. ALVERO-ROBEL, Jomila A.

78. ALZATE, Abraham Gerard G.

79. ALZONA, Michael Frederick D.

80. AMANTE, Don Rae B.

81. AMAZONA, Ivan Mark E.

82. AMBAKED, Jelvette Lane T.

83. AMIS, Anna Maria M.

84. AMMOGAO, II, Aniceto E.

85. AMOG, Andrea Victoria R.

86. AMORIN, Danniel Roy D.

87. AMPARO, Eloisa Arzy C.

88. ANACIO, Alvin A.

89. ANATALIO, Avery Anne C.

90. ANATAN, John Ryan E.

91. ANDALLO, Rudolf Soliman V.

92. ANDAYA, Elenor Marisse Isabel M.

93. ANDRADE, Ricardo, Ii R.

94. ANDRES, Raiza Mei B.

95. ANERDEZ, JR., Eduardo M.

96. ANG, Terence John Ardolph L.

97. ANG, Wendell K.

98. ANG TONG, Engel O.

99. ANGELES, Mark Angelo V.

100. ANGELES, Richard Armand C.

101. ANIT, Emerson M.

102. ANSAN, Junelyn D.

103. ANTIQUE, Mary Grace R.

104. ANTONIO, Angelo O.

105. ANTONIO, Anna Alyzza C.

106. ANZA, Elaine B.

107. APOLINARIO, Karla Raisa M.

108. APORO, Neneth D.

109. APSAY, Stephanie Grace B.

110. AQUINO, Ceazar Ryan C.

111. AQUINO, Darian Kaye S.

112. AQUINO, Gian Carlo T.

113. AQUINO, Ianne Angel M.

114. AQUINO, Mary Grace P.

115. ARABEJO, Gian Miko L.

116. ARANETA, Aster Beane L.

117. ARCANO, Eliasa Joselle R.

118. ARCELLANA, Patrick V.

119. ARCELLANA-UNCIANO, Ma. Trinidad P.

120. ARDOÑA, Glen V.

121. AREÑA, Anne Vernadice A.

122. ARIAS-RAMOS, Cynthia D.

123. ARIOLA, Ma. Angelica S.

124. ARLANDO, Arlando G.

125. ARNALDO, Fergie L.

126. AROMIN, Ralph Lawrence O.

127. AROSA, Rosalie C.

128. ARRIERO, Carlos Leandro L.

129. ARRIOLA, Karl Frederick L.

130. ARTATES, Derick Jackson C.

131. ARTHUR, Maricel D.

132. ARTURO, Albert S.

133. ASAYO, Merry Jeoya T.

134. ASBAN, Michael Kenneth S.

135. ASBUCAN, Golda Mira L.

136. ASOQUE, Van Roe M.

137. ASUNCION, Bobby Ismael T.

138. ASUNCION, Rolando, Jr. G.

139. ASUNTO, Shella Marie D.

140. ATIENZA, Charles Edmund C.

141. ATIENZA, Fredrick Rodel V.

142. ATIENZA, John Rafael P.

143. AU, Carl Fredson Y.

144. AURELIO, Mary Justice P.

145. AUSTRIA, Aaron Jerard DR.

146. AUSTRIA, JR., Victor S.

147. AUZA, Genesis M.

148. AVELINO, Diosie Claine D.

149. AVILA, Jonah Mark C.

150. AVILES, Kay P.

151. AYAP, Ld Jane S.

152. AYOMA, Princess M.

153. AYSON, Jan Carlo R.

154. BABARAN, Karina Lucille T.

155. BACAY, Aziza Hannah A.

156. BACULNA, Mark Vincent B.

157. BACUS, Rey Maynard J.

158. BAGOL, Mary Elaine D.

159. BAGOTSAY, Joshua Y.

160. BAGUINDA, Dayang-dayang Khadija J.

161. BAGUIWA, Lito G.

162. BAGUL, Johanna B.

163. BAGUNDANG, Farizah Joy P.

164. BAGUYO, Jephraim D.

165. BAGUYOT, Anna Margarette M.

166. BAHJIN, Ishmael I.

167. BAJENTING, Noribeth D.

168. BALAMIENTO, Joseph Reuben F.

169. BALAN, Nadine Rachelle T.

170. BALAWAN, Veverlie D.

171. BALBABOCO, Sonia Mae C.

172. BALBERIA, Benedict C.

173. BALDADO, JR., Douglas J.

174. BALDON, Pamela Kaye G.

175. BALIGOD, Nathaniel Ian C.

176. BALILI, Christianne Mae C.

177. BALINTEC, Mark-ian N.

178. BALISTA, Janel Arinne F.

179. BALLESER, Marco Angelo E.

180. BALMEO, Jennifer V.

181. BALMOJA, Nel Vincent G.

182. BANAL, Niñanette A.

183. BANATAO, Harilaos C.

184. BANCE, Shayne Amor S.

185. BANDOLES, Nelson T.

186. BANIAGO, Karryna Giselle G.

187. BANKEY, Kathleen

188. BANQUERIGO, Rowtir John L.

189. BAQUING, Darlene A.

190. BAQUIRAN, Sharon L.

191. BARCEBAL, Danica C.

192. BAROÑA-KUB-AO, Sherielyn T.

193. BARRAT, Saidamen M.

194. BARRERAS, Robarex Namsel V.

195. BARRIENTOS, Jasper Allen B.

196. BARRIOS, II, Justicia S.

197. BARRUGA, Ma. Patricia E.

198. BARTAZAN, Jay Rozen D.

199. BARTE, Cherrie Anne D.

200. BARTOLOME, Antonio Miguel A.

201. BASADRE, Shiela Mae B.

202. BASANTA, Jessel S.

203. BASAS, Michelle G.

204. BASCONES, Ralph Romeo B.

205. BASIAG, Nick Alizander P.

206. BASILAN, Jake L.

207. BASILIO, Abraham D.

208. BATTALER-ESTOYA, Desiree Elaine B.

209. BATUYONG, Mark Joy R.

210. BAUTISTA, Agustin Aristeo F.

211. BAUTISTA, Erwin Joseph R.

212. BAUTISTA, Eugenice Ivy Gwynn U.

213. BAUTISTA, Jan Patrick A.

214. BAUTISTA, Ma. Leichelle G.

215. BAUTISTA, Mel-lisanina A.

216. BAUTISTA, Paulo M.

217. BAVIERA, Denise Carla V.

218. BAYLON, Sarah Mae C.

219. BAÑARES, Paul Christian T.

220. BEA, Zierra Mae C.

221. BECASEN, Jennika Kayne G.

222. BECEIRA-COLOSO, Rosanna M.

223. BEDONA, Marc Lovel C.

224. BELANDO, Billie Dianne E.

225. BELEY, Benedicto M.


227. BELLENA, Michael Gerome B.

228. BELLEZA, Lorelie T.

229. BELLO, Jaymart B.

230. BENDAEN, James P.

231. BENDAÑO, Rina S.

232. BENEDICTO, Miguel Antonio A.

233. BENITEZ, Henrey C.

234. BENTINGANAN, Jamie F.

235. BENZON, Kathleene Keith R.

236. BERATO, Arnel D.

237. BERDIN, Racel May P.

238. BERNABE, Maria Evitha Sue M.

239. BERNALDEZ, Ruel Benjamin M.

240. BERNARDO, Jose Luis Alberto A.

241. BERNARDO, Lorina I.

242. BERNARDO, Maria Karla Rosita V.

243. BERONG, Job D.

244. BERTES, Karina Katerin I.

245. BERTOS, Elise Marie B.

246. BERUA, Fatima B.

247. BIARES, Kristinne Chrystelles S.

248. BIGLAEN, Mark Angelo P.

249. BILLEDO, Josephine H.

250. BILLONES, Rachelle Anne G.

251. BILLONES, Zandalee R.

252. BINAG, Rey B.

253. BITANGJOL, Albert Cyr P.

254. BIÑAS, Jorge C.

255. BODOTA, Ralph B.

256. BOHOL, Liezl G.

257. BOLANTE, Julius Jake B.

258. BOLASCO, Liza G.

259. BOLECHE, Anileto, Jr. A.

260. BOLIDE, Rouelli Gift D.

261. BOLINTIAM, Ray Francis V.

262. BOLIVAR, May Anne D.

263. BOLLOZOS, Kyle Genesis G.

264. BOLLOZOS, Sherly Laine R.

265. BONAFE, Shelee Ann B.

266. BONGON, Danna Magnolia C.

267. BONIEL, Junnieson M.

268. BONO, Leo Joselito E.

269. BONSUCAN, Arjam B.

270. BORBAJO, Jo Kristian G.

271. BORCELIS, Jonah Lynne S.

272. BORJA, Catherine B.

273. BORJA, Rizza Mae L.

274. BORJA, Rosa Beatrix G.

275. BORLAGDAN, Kariza Bianca M.

276. BORLAS, Geneva Sol A.

277. BORLONGAN, Kris S.

278. BORROMEO, Katrina M.

279. BOTOR, Dominick Adan R.

280. BRIES, Avril R.

281. BUCOY, Arnold C.

282. BUENAFLOR, Arbie C.


284. BUENAVENTURA, Ellen Rose C.

285. BUENAVENTURA, Miguel Martin A.

286. BUGACIA, Kathleen Rose B.

287. BUGAYONG, Efren M.

288. BUGTAS, Peter Daniel C.

289. BUHAIN, Kim Israel S.

290. BUHALE, JR., Roberto M.

291. BULANG, Lian Chen F.

292. BULANG, Mae Ann F.

293. BULATAO, Audris B.

294. BULLECER, Ralph Wendell C.

295. BULLO, Mark Timothy K.

296. BULSECO, IV, Francisco S.

297. BURATO, Leovir M.

298. BURGOS, Rey Emmanuel O.

299. BUSINE, Maria Clarabel S.

300. BUSTAMANTE, Joseph Sante E.

301. BUTALID, Ma. Angela G.

302. BUTAR, Shiera Mae P.

303. BUYCO, Sarah Elaiza T.

304. CAALAM, Kimberly R.

305. CABANOS, Katrina Janine B.

306. CABANTUD, Raph Nhey A.

307. CABILDO, Christopher Joy C.

308. CABOCHAN, Ricardo Iii John D.

309. CABOTEJA, Beverly L.

310. CABRADILLA, Arfel Jane C.

311. CABRADILLA, Kriztel-ann J.

312. CABRAL, Kurt Leighton I.

313. CABRAL-BALINDAN, Mary Jane B.

314. CABREDO, Angelico N.

315. CABRERA, Laarni A.

316. CABRERA, Maria Adelfa S.

317. CABUHAT, Shari-ann Harriet F.

318. CABUSLAY, Kareen Mae N.

319. CACHAPERO, Olive Grace Ma. P.

320. CADANO, Juan Manuel B.

321. CADIZ, Roe Anne R.

322. CADIZ, Rose May Neña A.

323. CAFIRMA, Rener D.

324. CAGAYAT, Nicolo Justin P.

325. CAGUIA, Joffrey Jorge D.

326. CAIMOL, Keena D.

327. CAJAYON, Albertson S.

328. CAJUCOM, Ronald Paul O.

329. CALANGI, Carmela SJ.

330. CALARA, Vincent Angelo P.

331. CALATRAVA, Christian Tom Anthony Edwards G.

332. CALAYAG, Miguel Luigi L.

333. CALDA, Alexi L.

334. CALDERON, Jan-ray Vincent D.

335. CALERO, Aecaya Christine V.

336. CALICA, Sarah Joyce R.

337. CALLANTA, Ailene A.

338. CALLEJA, Gabriel Stephen R.

339. CALLUENG, Cris Evert B.

340. CALUBAYAN, Exzie G.

341. CALUPITAN, Camille Francesca F.

342. CALUSA, Peter Paul O.

343. CALVEZ, Kheynan C.

344. CALVO, Gem B.

345. CAMACHO, Diana C.

346. CAMACHO, Maria Pamela Eleanore L.

347. CAMPAÑANO, Alfred H.

348. CAMPOREDONDO, Pete Bayani B.

349. CAMPOS, Kristal Mae M.

350. CANA, Nomela M.

351. CANASA, Bryant R.

352. CANASA, John Paul C.

353. CANDARI, Eureka D.

354. CANDELARIA, Gabriella Louise OJ.

355. CANDELARIO, Liane Stella R.

356. CANDELARIO, Ryan T.

357. CANOY, Ermalyn R.

358. CANOY, Ian Denis U.

359. CAOAGAS, Cesar Wendel F.

360. CAPATI, Jade T.

361. CAPITO-RELUYA, Joyce Ann S.

362. CAPPAL, Dhanette Jaise S.

363. CARALIPIO, John Mark V.

364. CARAMAT, Clinton C.

365. CARATAO, Eduard Dorsey R.


367. CARDIÑO, Katy S.

368. CARILLO, Ma. Salve Aure M.

369. CARIÑO, Lougenia P.

370. CARLOS, Percival S.

371. CARONONGAN, Maria Karla C.

372. CARPESO, Ma. Rofil E.

373. CARPIO, Eileen Carla Y.

374. CARRERA, Jerale B.

375. CASAJE, Paul Verlin D.

376. CASAMA, Fritz Julius V.

377. CASANO, Mary Grace H.

378. CASCARA, Louie O.

379. CASIÑO, Cyril Francis S.

380. CASTAÑEDA, Fevie Gay J.

381. CASTELO, Denise Christianne D.

382. CASTILLO, Shain Ann C.

383. CASTILLO, III, Israel Carlos Leo S.

384. CASTRO, Ana Alexandra C.

385. CASTRO, Josefa Maria A.

386. CASTRO, Michael Francis D.

387. CASUNCAD, Noel Christopher S.

388. CATAJAY, Renie M.

389. CATEDRILLA, Xela Lauren V.

390. CATUBAY, S.j. Normando A.

391. CAUMERAN, Kristian Erving L.

392. CAUPAYAN, Maria Carmela R.

393. CAWAGDAN, Herlene C.

394. CAWIT, Rachel H.

395. CAÑALITA, Ma. Patricia T.

396. CAÑETE, Pol Albert T.

397. CEBALLO, Maicie I.

398. CEBRECUS, Aimee Karina C.

399. CEBRIAN, JR., Jesus Claro T.

400. CEJANO, Concepcion T.

401. CELEBRADO, Leonard Angelo B.

402. CELENDRO, Anna Lorreine R.

403. CELES, Ma. Andreah D.

404. CELESTIANO, Kevin Jay Y.

405. CELESTINO, Luis Z.

406. CELIS, Jonel Carlo D.

407. CELON, Chester Aldwin P.

408. CELZO, Jay Martin P.

409. CERBITO, Dominic M.

410. CERDA, Rochelyn L.

411. CERIALES, Emmanuel R.

412. CERNA, Rena Ais P.

413. CERNAL, John Vincent I.

414. CESA, Mattheau Reigh S.

415. CESISTA, Vincent Joseph E.

416. CEÑIDOZA, Marie Cielo E.

417. CHAN, Irene Conchitina D.

418. CHAN, Richard P.

419. CHATTO, Esther Patrisha V.

420. CHAVES, Raphael Mari D.

421. CHENG, Precy Jade A.

422. CHING, Virnalyn P.

423. CHIOCO, Joseph Nikolai B.

424. CHOA, Stallone C.

425. CHU, Jennel L.

426. CHUA, Carla B.

427. CHUA, Carlo R.

428. CHUA, Duke Lester B.

429. CHUA, Kenwy Jupiter L.

430. CHUA, Miller Eng-an S.

431. CHUA, Pam Louiese M.

432. CHY, Kristine Sherika P.

433. CID, Ed Von Allan F.

434. CIELO, Mark Jasper G.

435. CIPRIANO, Roderick S.

436. CLAROS, Stephanie A.

437. CLAUDIO, Phoebe B.

438. CLAVER, William Dan Saulo M.

439. CLEMENCIA, Deanne Mhel C.

440. CO, Ann Catherine L.

441. CO, Charles Frederick T.

442. COGUE, Francis Ken M.

443. COLINA, Maricris D.

444. COLINA, Rheswi Grace C.

445. COLLADOS, Apple Joy L.

446. COLLANTES, Jann Richard M.

447. COLOMA-MORALES, Anna Clariza S.

448. COLUMNAS, JR., Sherlito M.

449. COMILLAS, Romarie G.

450. CONCEPCION, Earl Justin B.

451. CONCEPCION, Marie Kristin S.

452. CONEJOS, Adonis Dexter C.

453. CONGRESO, Ryanne Jane Karla C.

454. CONSUNJI, Angelico R.

455. CONTADO, Ma. Glecy Joy A.

456. CONTRERAS, Gerard Samuel Alphonsus B.

457. CORDERO, Kaiser T.

458. CORDERO, Maria Nastassja G.

459. CORO, Romiel B.

460. CORPIN, Christine Marielle C.

461. CORPUS, Karl Joseph S.

462. CORPUZ, Joseph Raymund C.

463. CORPUZ, Limberge Paul G.

464. CORPUZ, Saniata Mae C.

465. CORTES, Roslyn D.

466. CORTEZ, Kimberly Agniezka R.

467. CORTEZ, Ryan C.

468. COSME, Ana Lourdes L.

469. COSTALES, Ma. Victoria A.

470. CRESCINI, Nelvin Charles L.

471. CRISOL, Jose Ricardo L.

472. CRISOSTOMO, Khiel L.

473. CRUZ, Alyssa Renee A.

474. CRUZ, Carlo Angelo S.

475. CRUZ, Dianne Karla A.

476. CRUZ, Jenivive N.

477. CRUZ, Karen Mae S.

478. CRUZ, Maria Patricia P.

479. CRUZ, Maria Salmiyah C.

480. CRUZ, Rafael Roman T.

481. CRUZ-YAP, Mary Grace D.

482. CUA, Patrick Stephen M.

483. CUARESMA-SANTOS, Glaize Shaye A.

484. CUARTO, Remz Marie L.

485. CUATERNO, Guian Meng R.

486. CUE, Kycia Vanelie G.

487. CUIZON, Erlces John L.

488. CULLA, Tadeo R.

489. CULTURA, Honey Faith C.

490. CUREG, Angienette G.

491. CURIMAO, V, Paul Vicente E.

492. CUSTODIO, Julius Rey R.

493. DABALOS, Neil Anthony P.

494. DACAL, Goldy Luck C.

495. DACLES, Deogracios A.

496. DACUA, John Jigo G.

497. DACUDAO, Ron Juko C.

498. DADO, Christian Gilbert M.

499. DADOLE, Rizzele P.

500. DAGATAN, Mary Louise B.

501. DAGATAN-RODICOL, Jenelyn C.

502. DAGDAG, Ma. Jeunesse C.

503. DAGONDON, Sheila L.

504. DAGUMAN, Gabriela S.

505. DALAGUETE, Felson M.

506. DALEON, Kris Antonnete A.

507. DAMARILLOS, Grian B.

508. DAMASING, Ramon Enrico Custodio M.

509. DAMMANG, Harjade S.

510. DAMOLE, Mirzi Rio M.

511. DAMPIL, Crystal Gale P.

512. DANDUAN, Jake M.

513. DANGO, Joyce Marie G.

514. DANIEL, Erika C.

515. DANTES, Raphael Augusto V.

516. DAPENA, Mary Rose Jane C.

517. DASAP, Vilma C.

518. DATUKON, Ranizza D.

519. DAWATON, Romeo G.

520. DAYRIT, Franchesca Angeline S.

521. DE BELEN, Joanne Marie G.

522. DE CLARO, Kristine Mariz I.

523. DE DIOS, Christian Eduard A.

524. DE GUZMAN, Elreen Joy O.

525. DE GUZMAN, Jiana Joselle SC.

526. DE GUZMAN, Jonathan R.

527. DE GUZMAN, Juan Carlo E.

528. DE GUZMAN, Kolleen V.

529. DE GUZMAN, Mageryl Shay B.

530. DE GUZMAN, Mark Kristofferson O.

531. DE JESUS, Maria Anna Cristina B.

532. DE JESUS-SANCHEZ, Ria Camille M.

533. DE LA CALZADA, Alebeth Libra L.

534. DE LA CRUZ, Rafael, Iii A.

535. DE LA CRUZ-SEGUI, Frances Mae C.

536. DE LA PAZ, Jaenise Rae A.

537. DE LA PEÑA, Hilary June E.

538. DE LEON, Mae Lalaine H.

539. DE LEON, Myra Beatriz B.

540. DE LIRA, Dana Flynch R.

541. DE LOS REYES, Norietess P.

542. DE MESA, Athena Christa DG.

543. DE MESA, Cheryll S.

544. DE PEDRO, Ivy Joyce L.

545. DE SILVA, Denison Paul B.

546. DE TORRES, Rechel T.

547. DE VERA, Jonathan Earl C.

548. DE VERA, Pauline Kaye Y.

549. DE ZUZUARREGUI, Vivian Rose L.

550. DEGAMO, Clarissa Beth S.

551. DEL CASTILLO, Arra Charmaine L.

552. DEL ROSARIO, Renz Anthony B.

553. DEL ROSARIO, III, Daniel R.

554. DEL ROSARIO, JR., Ruben Jose G.

555. DEL VALLE, Francis Julius Romeo D.

556. DELA CRUZ, Jewel O.

557. DELA CRUZ, John Benedick R.

558. DELA CRUZ, Jonathan P.

559. DELA CRUZ, Kirstin C.

560. DELA CRUZ, Lovely Mei R.

561. DELA CRUZ, Niki Beryl B.

562. DELA CRUZ, Sherylene S.

563. DELATADO, Darwin A.

564. DELGADO, Lorenzo E.

565. DELIGERO, Marianne Kristine G.

566. DELOS SANTOS, Rommelle I.

567. DENILA, Jun Marlon M.

568. DEOGRACIAS, Joram C.

569. DESCALLAR, Rowela L.

570. DETERA, Angelo L.

571. DIAZ, Anne Kathryn C.

572. DIAZ, Cybill D.

573. DIAZ, Simon Aqui N.

574. DICHOSO, Ringo D.

575. DIEGO, Jasmine A.

576. DIEGO, Marvin A.

577. DILANGALEN, Nur Halifa N.

578. DILLA, Katrina S.

579. DIMAANO, Mara Marie P.

580. DIMAYACYAC, Miguel Franco T.

581. DIMAYUGA, Patricia Maita B.

582. DINES, Victoria P.

583. DINOPOL, Kchyrziahshayne Dyñelle V.

584. DINOY, Joseph G.

585. DIOCOS, Eduisa Rositte C.

586. DIOKNO, Anne Lorraine T.

587. DIONISIO, Maria Reggieleene S.

588. DIZON, Fidella Jeanne L.

589. DOCTOR, John Ree E.

590. DOLAR, Michael G.

591. DOLINA, Leon Chad Anthony S.

592. DOMINGO, Junryan M.

593. DOMINGO, Mareca F.

594. DOMINGO, Mark Roland C.

595. DOMINGO, Ricardo Kevin C.

596. DOMINGO, Terence Luke B.

597. DOMPOR, Joachim Alfonso P.

598. DONATO, Lucille Arianne B.

599. DORIA, Mcgyver L.

600. DOVERTE, Ima Rae M.

601. DUAG, Maryvynne G.

602. DUEÑAS, Denise Jane B.

603. DUGEÑA, Kelly Rose V.

604. DUGUIL, Michelle S.

605. DULAY, Emmanuel Benito C.

606. DUMAPIG, Sarah Mae D.

607. DUMINDIN, Ofelia B.

608. DUMLAO, Emmanuel Emigdio D.

609. DUQUE, Florence Philippa Concepcion A.

610. DUYA, John Marti C.

611. DY, James Andrew D.

612. DY, James Mychall K.

613. DY, Tiffany Ann L.

614. EBOÑA, Frederick R.

615. EBRAHIM, Shajani M.

616. ECLEO, Irene Chris I.

617. ECLIPSE, Sadam John D.

618. EDAN, Raul I.

619. EDULAN, Leonel Dominic S.

620. EGONIA, Jessah Christee A.

621. EJERCITO, Khristine Jane B.

622. EJERCITO, Ma. Emmanuelle C.

623. ELAURIA, Maria Carlota R.

624. ELECCION, John Robert A.

625. ELIZAGA, Jason B.

626. ELUMBA, Manuel Donato V.

627. EMPLEO, Daniel Jose E.

628. ENABORE, Kerby A.

629. ENERIO, Lulu B.


631. ENRIQUEZ, Hammer Jay S.

632. ENRIQUEZ, Richard C.

633. ENRIQUEZ, Valerie Fe L.

634. ERAMES, Rosel Margarette Q.

635. ERAMIS, Kara Louisse B.

636. ESCALANTE, Ryan T.

637. ESCALONA, Regine Marie G.

638. ESCATRON-DACERA, Katherine E.

639. ESCOBAR, Francis Kayvin B.

640. ESCOBAR, Rosaline O.

641. ESCOPALAO, Cheril D.

642. ESCORIDO, JR, Leonardo P.

643. ESCOVILLA, Emiko Antonette T.

644. ESCUDERO, Michael Angelo

645. ESGUERRA, Jason M.

646. ESOY, Ma. Angelyn J.

647. ESPINA, Elimer T.

648. ESPINA, Nicole Elena Iii C.

649. ESPINO, Kamille N.

650. ESPIRITU, Danica P.

651. ESTACIO, Harold P.

652. ESTEBAN, Abriam Josh D.

653. ESTILLORE, Lawrence Patrick P.

654. ESTIPONA, Frances Angela A.

655. EUGENIO, Aretha M.

656. EVANGELISTA, Jason B.

657. EVANGELISTA, Krishia C.

658. EVANGELISTA, Noemi D.

659. EVASCO, Pebbles E.

660. EXCONDE, Maria Tala C.

661. FABELLA, Jaymark G.

662. FABELLA, John Paul R.

663. FABIOSA, Revneil Jane L.

664. FADER, Frances Lyka C.

665. FAGUTAO, Delgina Louise C.

666. FAJARDO, Ranelle Mae M.

667. FALGUI, Francisco Lucas V.

668. FALLER, Astrid Beatrice C.

669. FALUCHO, Layda Lhou P.

670. FAMA, John Hanzel P.

671. FAMILLARAN, Gelie Rose P.

672. FARIÑAS, II, Roger John C.

673. FAUSTINO, Judi Khenn C.

674. FAUSTINO, Paulo S.

675. FEBRA, Kwin Loch O.

676. FEBRERO, Reeno E.

677. FELICIANO, Luigi Marvic G.

678. FELICIANO, Ma. Mercedes Ponciana C.

679. FELONGCO, I, Noel C.

680. FERNANDEZ, Ariane Lizette I.

681. FERNANDEZ, Bryan B.

682. FERNANDEZ, Christian A.

683. FERNANDEZ, Garri Solomon R.

684. FERNANDEZ, Hazelmer S.

685. FERNANDEZ, Kristel Bianca M.

686. FERNANDEZ, Lourdes Angelica M.

687. FERNANDEZ, Mae Claire C.

688. FERNANDO, Karen Jing C.

689. FERRARO, Jay M.

690. FERRER, Eduard C.

691. FERRER, Terence Mark Arthur S.

692. FERRER-MATAS, Jesza Mae M.

693. FIGURA, Deonalaine Ivy P.

694. FILASOL, Rafael George G.

695. FLOR, Paula Jane P.

696. FLORENDO, Gilda Mikee D.

697. FLORES, Denis Andrew T.

698. FLORES, Rebecca Anne U.

699. FLORES, Rolito C.

700. FORMENTO, Sheila Grace A.

701. FORNESA, Leo Angelo E.

702. FORONDA, Katrine R.

703. FORTUNA, Jeryl Grace C.

704. FRANCISCO, Alfred Stalin P.

705. FRANCISCO, Edna A.

706. FRANCISCO, Jean-paul T.

707. FRANCISCO, Zesyl Avigail P.

708. FRIGINAL, Jehaidah V.

709. FUENTES, Gabrielle Angela G.

710. FUENTES, John Joel B.

711. FUENTES, Richell A.

712. FUFUGAL, JR.,, Eufracio R.

713. FULLECIDO, John Raymund Vincent A.

714. FUMAR, Viktor Andre A.


716. GACADAN, Erwin Lehi G.

717. GACANG, Jeah Jean E.

718. GACOD, Zoe S.

719. GADOR, Fevie Anne E.

720. GAGAJENA, Amber Shawn A.

721. GAGNO, Nikko Jay G.

722. GAHUMAN, JR., Gabriel L.

723. GALAMAY, Hazel Joy T.

724. GALANG, Ian Daniel B.

725. GALANG, JR., Danilo M.

726. GALANZA, Xian-al Defensor A.

727. GALICIA, Johnro C.

728. GALLARDO, Margaret Iris E.

729. GALLEGO, Jelorie F.

730. GALURA, Mariel L.

731. GALVEZ, Gilbert S.

732. GALVEZ, Giselle Marie B.

733. GAMBOA, Queenzel M.

734. GAMBOA, Ron Oliver H.

735. GAMMAD, April Rossan P.

736. GAMMAD, Gregg G.

737. GAMONNAC, Gertrude Joy D.

738. GANZO-POSO, Bikki A.

739. GARCES, Alvin Duane C.

740. GARCIA, Enika Marie S.

741. GARCIA, Maria Reylan M.

742. GARCIA, Zandro Jose E.

743. GARCIA-CLARABAL, Diane Christi M.

744. GASAPO, Nica Marsha V.

745. GATDULA, Ivanheck U.

746. GAUDIEL, JR., Daniel Kien T.

747. GAYADOS, Steven Mark N.

748. GAYYA, Lorenzo Luigi T.

749. GAÑGAN, Karen R.

750. GELOMINA, Audrey Rose G.

751. GELVOSA, Gil Cedric B.

752. GEMILGA, Marcel O.

753. GENTILES, Bernmarie D.

754. GERALDEZ, Agustin P.

755. GERONIMO, Russell Stanley Q.

756. GERVASIO, Belinda Grace G.

757. GIANAN, Sonny, Ii C.

758. GIRONELLA, Jsa Noble D.

759. GLIPO, Khristian Z.

760. GO, Marck Dominic L.

761. GO, Mark Lester F.

762. GO, Marvic Patricia B.

763. GO, Valerie Joyce Y.

764. GOMBA, Jasmin M.

765. GOMEZ, Ma. Fatima G.

766. GONDA, Ana Cristina V.

767. GONZALES, Carizza Joy Y.

768. GONZALES, Janice S.

769. GONZALES, Jonn Kenneth Laurence A.

770. GONZALES, Judessa Anna V.

771. GONZALES, Kathrine A.

772. GONZALES, Napoleon Iii L.

773. GONZALEZ, Ricardo Raymund T.

774. GONZALO, Rhea Doll B.

775. GOPENGCO, Nelson R.


777. GOTE, Jamalodin G.

778. GRADO, Dianne Bay H.

779. GUADALUPE, Jelyne S.

780. GUANTERO, Colleen Rose S.

781. GUANZON, Aldrin James L.

782. GUBANTES, Darlene C.

783. GUERRERO, Kyle Bryan M.

784. GUEVARA, Arjuna Das Matthew F.

785. GUEVARA, Giovanni P.

786. GUIANG, Rachelle Ann T.

787. GUIAO, Denise Isabel C.

788. GUITANGNA, Franklin M.

789. GULAN, Virgo M.

790. GULO, Jeihan Jein M.

791. GUMATAY, Eduardo Jmarri V.

792. GUNO, Cindee V.

793. GUPANA, Christopher James R.

794. GUTIERREZ, Bea Lizelle B.

795. GUTIERREZ, Nicolo Joel B.

796. GUZMAN, Arman Joseph M.

797. GUZMAN, Maria Liza A.

798. GUZMAN, Zenia Lou P.

799. HABIB, Abdul Bari B.

800. HADJI OMAR, Mubarak D.

801. HALANES, Ruel S.

802. HASAN, Abdulrahman U.

803. HAYNES, Miranda Lee F.

804. HEFTI, Darling Sapphire O.

805. HERMOSA, Herzl Hali V.

806. HERNANDEZ, Kevin Paolo M.

807. HERNANDEZ, JR., Carlos S.


809. HERRERA, Dee Hajji U.

810. HERRERA-RAMOS, Madel Hyacinth H.

811. HIBO-GAMBOA, Annalyn Sherry F.

812. HICBAN, Mary Grace R.

813. HILADO, Mary Pauline C.

814. HISOLER, Ivanne D’laureil I.

815. HIYAS, Imee N.

816. HOURANI, Rami Amer G.

817. HUBAHIB, Michael Francis L.

818. HUNG, Kelvin Y.

819. HUSMILLO, Raul Ronald M.

820. IBAÑEZ, Merissa M.

821. IBUNA, Ma. Rossellina Angeline S.

822. ICO, Desiree M.

823. IFURUNG, Ralph Jerohm K.

824. IGNACIO, Lotus C.

825. IGNACIO, Regine Noelle B.

826. IMPERIAL, Christine L.

827. IMPERIO, Ryan V.

828. INGUSAN, Donna DR.

829. INOJALES, Roly A.

830. INOPIA, Jhanelyn V.

831. INOPIQUEZ, Henry L.

832. ISIP, Marifelle L.

833. ISORENA, Manuel Luis C.

834. ITARALDE, Mark Dean DR.

835. JACALNE, Sajid N.

836. JACO, Jordana Mari

837. JADULCO, Kriezl N.

838. JAECTIN, Ronelyn D.

839. JAEN, Bea Marie I.

840. JALA, Christine I.

841. JALASCO, Jenaira Mae A.

842. JALGALADO, May Dan S.

843. JAMBALOS, Nancy L.

844. JAMBANGAN, Adam Dandro C.

845. JAMERLAN, Janet B.

846. JANOLINO, Rez Rein P.

847. JAO, Deane Denesy F.

848. JAUCIAN, Jommel P.

849. JAVELLANA, Maria Yolanda A.

850. JAVIER, Al Joseph T.

851. JAVIER, Kristine C.

852. JIMENEZ, Jerico M.

853. JIMENEZ, Maria Leonor E.

854. JOAQUIN, Mark Ryan C.

855. JORDA, Erwin S.

856. JORES, Ma. Jherie Joie S.

857. JOSE, Giselle C.

858. JOSE, Juan Alfonso Augustus I.

859. JOSOL, Maccabeo C.

860. JUAN, Ma. Barbara Raizza J.

861. JUANICO, Lyan David M.

862. JUEZAN, Monica Katherine S.

863. JUGAN, Gee-ann L.

864. JULIANO, Jefferlyn D.

865. JUMAWAN, Charmaine Galle C.

866. JUNAID, Yasmeen L.

867. JUNCO, Marianne P.

868. JUNTILLA, Janssen A.

869. JURADO, Ace Randolph V.

870. JURILLA, Mark C.

871. JUSON, Ava Cristina A.

872. JUSTIMBASTE, Aubrey E.

873. JUYO, Ciena Mae S.

874. KADATUAN, JR., Kitem D.

875. KALINGKING, Nicole Gabrielle V.

876. KANAPI, Jose Benjamin Q.

877. KAPUNAN, Maria Karina D.

878. KHO, Marion Nerisse D.


880. KING, Samantha Beatrice P.

881. LABAUPA, Vennies A.

882. LABIAGA, Janzeri

883. LABILLES, Jett D.

884. LACAMBRA, Lou Corina A.

885. LACASANDILE, Regine Anne B.

886. LACDO-O, Justin Fernan G.

887. LACUATA, JR., Daniel B.

888. LACUESTA, Patricia Faith R.

889. LADRIDO, Patrick Daniel O.

890. LAGGUI, Patricia Anne G.

891. LAGOD, Joseph B.

892. LAGUDA, Allyn Mae L.

893. LAGUESMA, Abrillius Raffy C.

894. LAGUNA, Joseph D.

895. LAHER, Abner V.

896. LALUNA, Christian J.

897. LALWET, Mayline Y.

898. LAMADRID, Francel L.

899. LAMPA, Karenina Isabel A.

900. LAMPA, Maria Theresa M.

901. LANSANGAN, Joanne P.

902. LANTAJO, Justine Joy T.

903. LAO, Richard Von U.

904. LAPINIG, Julie Rose R.

905. LARA, Peter Emmanuel C.

906. LARA, Sheila Marie Rose G.

907. LARGO, Giancarlo O.

908. LARIDA, Elcah Myrrh A.

909. LARO, John M.

910. LASCOÑA, Rogelio, Jr. C.

911. LAT, Kayelyn Mae B.

912. LAURENTE, Georg Joni M.

913. LAURIO, Michael Angelo B.

914. LAXAMANA, Ana Minelle Q.

915. LAZAGA, Vizmarf V.

916. LAZARO, JR., Joe Abad S.

917. LEAL, Christine Dorothy F.

918. LEDESMA, Robin Patrick P.

919. LEE, Monique Annabelle R.

920. LEGASPI, Ray Anselmo M.

921. LENTEJAS, Jam M.

922. LENTORIO, JR., Edgar P.

923. LEONGSON, JR., Menandro P.

924. LERIN, Lorenz Martin M.

925. LEVERIZA, Jon Exekiel N.

926. LEYNES, Angelle Marie Y.

927. LEYSON, Judith P.

928. LI, Celia Marie Kimberly O.

929. LIGAN, Mc Alaine G.

930. LIGARAY, Razilee Rae J.

931. LIGCUBAN, Katherine Christy R.

932. LIGWANG, Delva Rose M.

933. LILAGAN, Llorente V.

934. LIM, Arjay C.

935. LIM, Blanche Ghia L.

936. LIM, Carie Emerald P.

937. LIM, John Jeric S.

938. LIM, Juan Lorenzo M.

939. LIM, Leomard Silver Joseph C.

940. LIM, Marie Felise Dominique V.

941. LIM, Mary Aubbrey Leigh B.

942. LIM, Phimie Glainne G.

943. LIM, Prex Nathan P.

944. LIM, Simmonette S.

945. LIM, Yvette Margaret K.

946. LIM-GAMBAN, Carolina G.

947. LIMOSINERO, Daley Rose A.

948. LIMPOT, Kent Joseph B.

949. LINAG, Christian Paul A.

950. LINDAO-MAO, Normilah D.

951. LIPAT, Mar Al Kriston D.

952. LIPAT, Maree Aiko Dawn D.

953. LIU, Jacqueline Rachel G.

954. LIZADA, Raphael Jose N.

955. LLANDA, Jeremy Q.

956. LLEGO, Arvin C.

957. LLORAD, Cherry P.

958. LLOREN, Michael C.

959. LLORICO, Raiza Khey L.

960. LLUZ, Ven John J.

961. LO, Jade Roxanne R.

962. LOBATON, Maryanne Ester H.

963. LOFRANCO, Kim Nyca R.

964. LOGRAMONTE, Bena Sofia A.

965. LOGRONIO, Angelo J.

966. LOKINES, Rashid B.

967. LONJAWON, Carol C.

968. LOPEZ, Angelo Miguel C.

969. LORA, Ann Lucille Grace L.

970. LORA, Kristian Jacob A.

971. LOREDO, Justin B.

972. LORETO, Sharlene Paula D.

973. LORILLA, Ralph Michael V.

974. LUA, Maria Carmela Cyril E.

975. LUCENA, Marvin E.

976. LUCERO, Consuelo Maria G.

977. LUCERO, Dyan Marie A.

978. LUI, Bernadine B.

979. LUKBAN, Mariano C.

980. LUMABAN, Allyssa Anne C.

981. LUMBRES, Jocelyn P.

982. LUMILIS, Katherine Grace C.

983. LUNA, Carmela J.

984. LURICA, Ivy B.

985. LUZADIO, Loury Mae M.

986. LUZON, Janno Louie Ceasar A.

987. MAAMBONG-SINGH, Urane Leslie F.

988. MAAT, Marco C.

989. MACALIPOT, Jasmine M.

990. MACAPINTAL, Hanna Nazria S.

991. MACAPOBRE, Andrew T.

992. MACARAYA, Sittie Rohaida P.

993. MACARIMPAS, Raihanah Sarah T.

994. MACARIO, Lovely Melchita C.

995. MACAROY, Katherine G.

996. MADALANG, Mark, Jr. A.

997. MADAMBA, Ayah Cristina C.

998. MADAMBA, Eloisa Katrina V.

999. MADAMBA, Maria Bernadine H.

1000. MADARCOS, Fernando G.

1001. MADERAZO, Cristine Mysel T.

1002. MADRIAGA, Joseph N.

1003. MAGALIT, Gem Karen B.

1004. MAGALONGA-TAN, Shella Mae O.

1005. MAGARRO, Julia Therese T.

1006. MAGAS, Mark Emann B.

1007. MAGBANUA, June Alinne G.

1008. MAGBANUA, Pearl Ashleigh P.

1009. MAGBITANG, Rommella V.

1010. MAGCULANG, JR., Menandro K.

1011. MAGDALAGA, JR., Romeo G.

1012. MAGLAJOS, Lucille C.

1013. MAGLEO, Rhea Ann V.

1014. MAGSOMBOL, Lean Jeff M.

1015. MAHILUM, Marielle C.

1016. MAHINAY, Gilda S.

1017. MAHINAY, Kristina May C.

1018. MALABANAN, Mary Anne P.

1019. MALAZA, Ma. Jhovelle M.

1020. MALDOS, Ginalyn T.

1021. MALIFER, Raul Anton U.

1022. MALINAO, John Vincent B.

1023. MALINAY, Mae Vernadel M.

1024. MALIT, Ryan Anthony S.

1025. MALLARI, Aihruz Lynell A.

1026. MALLILLIN, Princess Kae P.

1027. MALON, JR., Salip Yang A.

1028. MALONZO, Anna Margarita P.

1029. MAMAUAG, III, Romeo T.

1030. MAMBUAY, Ayesha Aminah A.

1031. MANACOP, Stephanie Q.

1032. MANAIG, Jomel N.

1033. MANALO, Gerard Nelson C.

1034. MANALO, Normandale O.

1035. MANATO, Marydale C.

1036. MANDANGAN, Maisah M.

1037. MANDIGUARIN, Nadia Christine L.

1038. MANGADANG, Nassief L.

1039. MANGAGOM, Joy Claire B.

1040. MANGASER, Roslyn Bianca R.

1041. MANGUBAT, Brim D.

1042. MANINGDING, Japheth B.

1043. MANIQUIS, Alkaid M.

1044. MANIQUIS, Jann Paolo P.

1045. MANLANGIT, Mark Deo B.

1046. MANTIKAYAN, Hamida U.

1047. MANZANES, Rigel Kent P.

1048. MAPE, Harold S.

1049. MAPUE, Bernadette A.

1050. MAPUTOL, Alfredo Miguel D.

1051. MARANAN, Christopher Ryan R.

1052. MARASIGAN, Ronna D.

1053. MARATA, Marcelino S.

1054. MARAÑO, Rebbekah Grace G.

1055. MARAÑON, Robert Ian G.

1056. MARBELLA, Jose Paolo B.

1057. MARCAIDA, Ida Marie S.

1058. MARCELO, Cornelio C.

1059. MARCELO, Natasha Daphne S.

1060. MARCELO, Pamela Marie T.

1061. MARCO, Jeperson F.

1062. MARCOS, Angeriza V.

1063. MARI, Ruel Nico R.

1064. MARIACOS, Algie Kwillon B.

1065. MARIANO, Diana Grace J.

1066. MARIANO, Elwell B.

1067. MARIANO-SOMBILON, Maeshach F.

1068. MARIFOSQUE, Anna Mariela O.

1069. MARQUEZ, Kevin Buen L.

1070. MARQUEZ, Ruby Jean B.

1071. MARTIN, Emer B.

1072. MARTINEZ, Jose Audie Rustum R.

1073. MARTINEZ, Kaye C.

1074. MARTIREZ, Alma Alexandra L.

1075. MASORONG, Rainneheart M.

1076. MATALANG, Angeline Trinity Y.

1077. MATENCIO, Areanne G.

1078. MATEO, Raemond Edward A.

1079. MATIAS, Joseph Edward L.

1080. MATIAS, Ma. Lourdes C.

1081. MATIENZO, Dowie Mae M.

1082. MATTA, Camille Jan G.

1083. MAURILLO, Monique Therese P.

1084. MAUYAG, Ayesha Ryka P.

1085. MAYOR, Aicel Joy J.

1086. MAYOR, Kerwin Rey B.

1087. MEDEL, Hyacinth Rose P.

1088. MEDINA, Anna Katrina P.

1089. MEDINA, Fatima Marie B.

1090. MEDINA, Joselito Edgar E.

1091. MEDITAR, Nasiff Brian O.

1092. MEDRANO, Thirdee L.

1093. MEJIA, Aiko M.

1094. MEJIA, Karel S.

1095. MEJOS, Mera Grace A.

1096. MELGAR, Marjorie N.

1097. MENDOZA, Alwyn Faye B.

1098. MENDOZA, Elaine S.

1099. MENDOZA, Ella Mae C.

1100. MENDOZA, Jason Rainer M.

1101. MENDOZA, John Martin M.

1102. MENDOZA, Nordeliza B.

1103. MENESES, Lana O.

1104. MENGULLO, Gil D.

1105. MERCADO, Charmee Anne C.

1106. MERCADO, Ivy Carmela R.

1107. MERCADO, Marc Anthony B.

1108. MERINO, Rose Antonette M.

1109. MERISCO, Noevir M.

1110. MESINA, Julie Ann Joy N.

1111. MICABALO, Jaysie T.

1112. MIER, Richard P.

1113. MIJARES, Manelee P.

1114. MILLAN, Mikhail Laurence C.

1115. MILLARES, Rosette Gail G.

1116. MINOG, Mylannie P.

1117. MIQUE-SUNIEGA, Gladys Anne V.

1118. MIRAFLOR, Johanaflor P.

1119. MIRALLES, Meg Anthony M.

1120. MIRANDA, Wayne Leigh G.

1121. MISLANG, Corina P.

1122. MOJICA, Kirst Deon R.

1123. MOKAMAD, Marvin D.

1124. MOLATE, Elijah A.

1125. MOLATO, Christopher  Joselle C.

1126. MOLEJON, Jayson T.

1127. MOLINA, Maritoni B.

1128. MOLLANEDA, Virginette May P.

1129. MOLON, Mariel Jasmine M.

1130. MONDAY, Ruby L.

1131. MONTECIR, Princess O.

1132. MONTECLAR, Daryl Andrew C.

1133. MONTEMAYOR, Janella G.

1134. MONTERO, Kurt Chino A.

1135. MONTERON, Karen Abegail S.

1136. MONTILLA, Lester D.

1137. MOOC, Mark Justin P.

1138. MORA, Jemannoel A.

1139. MORAL, Eunice M.

1140. MORALES, David Gil A.

1141. MORANO, Ronel Andrew R.

1142. MORENO, III, Rufino Gerard G.

1143. MORENTE, James Noel V.

1144. MORTELL, Khriska Viktoria M.

1145. MORTOLA, Angelica C.

1146. MOSCARDON, Geno M.

1147. MOSCARE, Frances O.

1148. MOSTAJO, Renney Kirsty P.

1149. MUEGA, Criselda D.

1150. MURALLA, Clariza Anne A.

1151. MURCIA, Erika Joy B.

1152. MUSA, Ahmad Taib U.

1153. MUÑEZ, JR., Renato T.

1154. NACIONAL, Katherine E.

1155. NAGERA, Kris Rajani V.

1156. NALUS, Margarita Concepcion A.

1157. NAMBATAC, Joefel Andrea A.

1158. NAMBATAC, Reycarte M.

1159. NAPA-EG, Milagros P.

1160. NAPALIT, Charmi Jobelle R.

1161. NAPUTO, Francis Gideon G.

1162. NARCIDA, Ruther Marc P.

1163. NATIVIDAD, Chester D.

1164. NAVAL, Ernesto, Iii C.

1165. NAVALES, Alija Auxan M.

1166. NAVARRETE, Ma. Criselda C.

1167. NAVARRO, Camille S.

1168. NAVARRO, Colleen Fretzie L.

1169. NAVARRO, Ivy Joy A.

1170. NAVARRO, Marico Gabrielle B.

1171. NAYRE-SANTIAGO, Kimberly C.

1172. NERI, Trixie Jane E.

1173. NG, Audrey Nicole Y.

1174. NIGRO, Marco P.

1175. NIMO, Hilmarie V.

1176. NIOG, Rejee Mae C.

1177. NOGOY, Ismael S.

1178. NUDALO, Goldie Myrrh M.

1179. NUESTRO, Reinerr John A.

1180. OAMINAL, JR., Henry F.

1181. OASAN, Wendell Leigh M.

1182. OBNIMAGA, JR., Rey P.

1183. OBTIAL, Derly G.

1184. OCAMPO, Jenee Monique R.

1185. OCAT, Mylene M.

1186. ODIO, Ryan J.

1187. ODUCADO, Ruzzel Diane I.

1188. OJA, Maria Ludica B.

1189. OJANO-SABADO, Jennylyn R.

1190. OLIVA-BARCARSE, Maria Carisa C.


1192. OLIVES, Lanz Aidan L.

1193. OMEGA, Riza Mae G.

1194. OMELAN-ARGUELLES, Melody May

1195. OMETER, Alex A.

1196. ONG, April Joy G.

1197. ONG, Carlwin Thomson U.

1198. ONG, Ceferino Miguel Y.

1199. ONG, Erika Denice G.

1200. ONGHANSENG, Donald Jefferson S.

1201. ONGKEKO, Antonio Rafael, Jr. B.

1202. ONTANGCO, Jeffrey L.

1203. OPLE, Hilary May G.

1204. OPONE, Warren Niño U.

1205. ORACION, Connie Jane D.

1206. ORAP, Melchor J.

1207. ORDOYO, Justin Adriel E.

1208. ORGASAN, Ledebee Lee T.

1209. ORJALO, Klarence D.

1210. ORTEGA, Karla Katrina S.

1211. ORTIZ, Arvin Antonio V.

1212. ORTIZ, Patricia I.

1213. OSIDA, Lorenzo Miguel A.

1214. OSORIO, Maranatha Joy SP.

1215. OTERO, Rufino Luis B.

1216. PABILONA, Jocet Consisa R.

1217. PABIONA, Lazaro Kevin G.

1218. PABUAYA, Cristie Pearl O.

1219. PACAMARRA, John Eric Floyd C.

1220. PACIENCIA, Christine L.

1221. PACIENCIA, Lizette Nimfa C.

1222. PACLIBAR, Sarah Phoebe L.

1223. PADAGDAG, Gail Glenn E.

1224. PADAPAT, Mary Grace H.

1225. PADAYAO, Rei Mari Jule M.

1226. PADER, Jessica Resurrecion L.

1227. PADILLA-DELA PEÑA, Janice C.

1228. PADUA, Kristine Joyce D.

1229. PAGALILAUAN, Bianca G.

1230. PAGAPONG, Jeson D.

1231. PAGDANGANAN, Raychelle A.

1232. PAGSANJAN, Donita Rose T.

1233. PAGUIO, Patricia Czarina M.

1234. PAJO, Ahda B.

1235. PALACOL, Jamie Rose M.

1236. PALADO, JR., Emmanuel A.

1237. PALAGHICON, JR., Andres E.

1238. PALARCA, Coryell Teodoro C.

1239. PALCE, Jamaica Ida C.

1240. PALER, Aiko Eleni N.

1241. PALER, Jezzene Gail R.

1242. PALGAN, Danilo D.

1243. PALIGAN, JR., Francis Allen T.

1244. PALMA, Jon Arley R.

1245. PALMA, Roman Mayo G.

1246. PALMERA, Raymund Xenon C.

1247. PALOMINO, Rheand Cornell M.

1248. PANDI, Rashid V.

1249. PANGANDAMAN- PAPORO, Norhanna A.

1250. PANGANIBAN, Miko Jim Paulo V.

1251. PAQUIBOT, Adelaida G.

1252. PAQUIDAO, Sheryl E.

1253. PARAAN, Brian Jonathan T.

1254. PARADO, Joan Ayr O.

1255. PARADO, Shenna Jane T.

1256. PARAGAS, Lean M.

1257. PARALEJAS, Claire Anne F.

1258. PARREÑO, Antony J.

1259. PARRONE, Justine Bette M.

1260. PARUNGO, Mara Alexandra V.

1261. PASCO, Lewellyn Judah C.

1262. PASCUA, Ma Claire L.

1263. PASCUA, Melanie Christine S.

1264. PASCUAL, Angela Marie A.

1265. PASCUAL, Clefford E.

1266. PASCUAL, Madonna Immaculada Concepcion M.

1267. PASTOR, Michael Evans C.

1268. PAUDAC, Mohammad Fayez D.

1269. PAULINO-DAYO, Junevieve M.

1270. PAÑGAN, Romano B.

1271. PEDREALBA, Cara Krystle B.

1272. PEDRO, Eugene Carmelo C.

1273. PELAYO, Kristian Ryan A.

1274. PELITO, Lois Philippe M.

1275. PENALES, Rhea M.

1276. PENULLAR, Ellen Grace A.

1277. PEQUE, Kimberly Grace R.

1278. PERALTA-BORLAS, Pinky Q.

1279. PEREZ, Erinn Mariel C.

1280. PEREZ, Princess Caressa V.

1281. PEREZ, Princess Charisma V.

1282. PEREZ, Raniros J.

1283. PEREZ, Rizelle Zenika H.

1284. PEREZ-BARIUAN, Roselle P.

1285. PERLAS, Janelle P.

1286. PERLAS, Van Regine L.

1287. PEROLA, Maximillan Jean T.

1288. PETILLA, Imee A.

1289. PEÑASERADA, Vien Kristine L.

1290. PIEDAD, Daryll F.

1291. PIGAO, II, John Socrates G.

1292. PIMENTEL, Jenny Ann A.

1293. PIMPING, Moh’d Naif S.

1294. PINEDA, Daniel Radjit D.

1295. PINEDA, Erika Mariz

1296. PIÑON, Iola Vianka M.

1297. PO, Melody R.

1298. POBAR, Aprilyn T.

1299. POGONGAN, Fatima Naryl K.

1300. PONCE, Allen R.

1301. PONTANAR, Katrina N.

1302. POON, Peterson U.

1303. PORCIUNCULA, Rene Paolo P.

1304. PRESTOZA, Christine Joy D.

1305. PRIETOS, Jim Alvien T.

1306. PUA, Irene Mae G.

1307. PUA, Peter Michael G.

1308. PUGUON, Dorothy Jane G.

1309. PULMONES, Joan Szanne S.

1310. PUNO, Mikhaella Martina H.

1311. PUNZALAN, Mary Ruth S.

1312. PURUGGANAN, Denise Pauline P.

1313. PUSTA, Bj Bonn D.

1314. PUTOT, Mary Lou S.

1315. PUYOT, Arjay V.

1316. QUEJADA, Ken Louwen M.

1317. QUIAMBAO, Hanna Clariss S.

1318. QUIAMBAO, Rhoda D.

1319. QUIBEN, Lovely Grazette D.

1320. QUINCOSE, Sharifa SJ.

1321. QUINTO, Mark Andrew B.

1322. QUINTO, Vinilla Germina N.

1323. QUIRANTE, Mishelle Faith D.

1324. RABE, Angelli Antonette O.

1325. RABE, John Ramil V.

1326. RABE, Roentgen Ruel R.

1327. RACMAT, Aurora Lyn T.

1328. RAMOS, Arvy A.

1329. RAMOS, Cayetano B.

1330. RAMOS, Gabriel Justine T.

1331. RAMOS, Marvin R.

1332. RAMOS, Roman Chino A.

1333. RAMOS, Ronbert A.

1334. RAMOS, Roween Annielle C.

1335. RANGIRIS, Jomaila G.

1336. RAZA, Barry G.

1337. RAZO, Kristine L.

1338. REALIGUE, Karen C.

1339. REBUA-ARAGON, Mercy A.

1340. RECENTES, Jayneveb A.

1341. REDIANG, JR., Rex Antonio C.

1342. REDULLA, Jude R.

1343. REJANTE, Marjorie Rich C.

1344. RELADOR, Emmanuel A.

1345. RELIQUIAS, John Mark B.

1346. RELIQUIAS, Reena May V.

1347. REMOLLO, Albert, Jr. V.

1348. REMOROZA, Camille B.

1349. RENDON, Michelle Francoise C.

1350. REQUEJO, Justine Veron T.

1351. RESCAR, Sharima D.

1352. RESPALL, Edcel C.

1353. RESURRECCION, Anna Rosa-lia L.

1354. RESURRECCION, Roniel D.

1355. RETIRADO, Ma. Concepcion G.

1356. REVEREZA, Xaviera Marie V.

1357. REVITA, Rey T.

1358. REYES, Anna Mae S.

1359. REYES, Cristopher Jon DR.

1360. REYES, Franco Rommel D.

1361. REYES, Grace Adelaide O.

1362. REYES, Jareed C.

1363. REYES, Jenny C.

1364. REYES, Khervy B.

1365. REYES, Lilian B.

1366. REYES, Mark Lester A.

1367. REYES, Mikaelo Jaime C.

1368. REYES, Terryfin D.

1369. REYES, JR., Antonio T.

1370. RIN, Sheryll Ann Y.

1371. RIOS, Dudly Mark R.

1372. RIVERA, Andrea Nicole P.

1373. RIVERA, Justine Camille P.

1374. RIVERA, Moses C.

1375. ROA, JR., Michael B.

1376. ROBENTA, Ronaldo A.

1377. RODRIGUERA, Eduard Angelo Q.

1378. RODRIGUEZ, Earl Allende V.

1379. RODRIGUEZ, John Rey B.

1380. RODRIGUEZ, Maria Alyssa V.

1381. RODRIGUEZ, Maria Victoria DV.

1382. RODRIGUEZ, Mary Elizabeth Christine D.

1383. ROGEL, Angeline P.

1384. ROJALES, Sheila May C.

1385. ROLLORATA, Renz Paula E.

1386. ROMANO, Dion Lorenz L.

1387. ROMILLO, Farida D.

1388. ROMUAR, Roela C.

1389. RONDEZ, Jerryl C.

1390. RONDOLO, Tristan Joseph O.

1391. RONQUILLO, John Paulo C.

1392. ROQUE, Jenina Marie Bernadette R.

1393. ROSALES, Ge Ann Francia S.

1394. ROSALES, Jose Patrick S.

1395. ROSALES, Nalyn Rose M.

1396. ROSARIO, Anjan Wilfrid D.

1397. ROSARIO, Dyrene Mara S.

1398. ROSARIO, Keouh P.

1399. ROSARIO, Marjorie R.

1400. ROSAS, Jose Rommel, Jr. I.

1401. ROSETE, Martha M.

1402. ROSOLADA, Karl Geoffray J.

1403. ROSUELLO, Joseph Michael A.

1404. ROVERO, Zarah Mae L.

1405. ROXAS, Jonaline P.

1406. RUBIO, Marie Christelle T.

1407. RUIZ, Johanna Marie P.

1408. RUIZ, Jose Iii R.

1409. RUIZ, Maria Bianca Leanne SJ.

1410. RULLODA, Mykelle Andrew P.

1411. RUPAC, James Bryan S.

1412. SABARIAGA, Lara Patriz F.

1413. SACLAG, Sheldon K.

1414. SACUPASO, Jay Princess P.

1415. SADANG, Cristy D.

1416. SAGARINO, Giovanni Francis V.

1417. SAGAUINIT, Rex C.

1418. SAGUINIT, Kirby C.

1419. SAHIBBIL, Omar-razdawie S.

1420. SALA, Don V.

1421. SALANDANAN, Ma. Moreni D.

1422. SALAZAR, Keeshia E.

1423. SALAZAR, Madelene Ruth F.

1424. SALAZAR, Zandra U.

1425. SALEM, Dennis E.

1426. SALES-MASANGKAY, Jocelyn R.

1427. SALIENDRA, Martoni S.

1428. SALIGUMBA, Remond G.

1429. SALMANI, Shaira Alexandra G.

1430. SALOMON, Johnald Z.

1431. SALONGA, Ann Laurice V.

1432. SALTING, Lawrence Angelo V.

1433. SALVADOR, Jessie A.

1434. SAMIO, Christine Derrika P.

1435. SAN JOSE, Aileen Mae R.

1436. SAN JUAN, Marjorie A.

1437. SAN JUAN, Nicole Beatrice R.

1438. SAN JUAN, Ronald Ray K.

1439. SANA, Marco Carlo S.

1440. SANCHEZ, Joanna S.

1441. SANCHEZ, Wryl C.

1442. SANCHEZ-PATES, Lilibeth A.

1443. SANDOVAL, Leazel N.

1444. SANGLITAN, Rahma D.

1445. SANORIA, Irene P.

1446. SANTIAGO, Arnold C.

1447. SANTIAGO, John Cyril E.

1448. SANTIAGO, Michael Arthur DJ.

1449. SANTIAGO, Reamil C.

1450. SANTOS, Adrian B.

1451. SANTOS, Aleizel L.

1452. SANTOS, Ana Riza N.

1453. SANTOS, Dennis Y.

1454. SANTOS, Frances Alyssa U.

1455. SANTOS, Howard Rei B.

1456. SANTOS, Immah Concepcion R.

1457. SANTOS, Jewelle Ann Lou P.

1458. SANTOS, Jose Maria B.

1459. SANTOS, Reeneth B.

1460. SANTOS, Rei-anne B.

1461. SAORNIDO, III, Ferdinand A.

1462. SAPNU, Camille Anne C.

1463. SARANDI, Glaiza S.

1464. SARCAOGA, Ronald L.

1465. SARCILLA, Johanne R.

1466. SARINO, Gerard P.

1467. SARIP, Sittie Hadiyah D.

1468. SARMIENTO, Madelyn D.

1469. SARMIENTO, Monica M.

1470. SARNO, Hazel Yvette M.

1471. SAVELLANO, Jillene C.

1472. SAYNO, Hyvimarly Chrisa B.

1473. SECOLLES, Cezar Elvin A.

1474. SELGAS, Miles F.

1475. SEMBRANO, Hyugi Nicolae C.

1476. SENDAYDIEGO, Primer S.

1477. SENGSON, Bernadine Joy E.

1478. SERNA, Marvilie M.

1479. SERNAL, Leah Marie M.

1480. SERRANO, Ingrid Margaret M.

1481. SERRANO, Yvette P.

1482. SERVACIO, Rheland S.

1483. SEVILLA, Ann Shammae M.

1484. SEVILLA, Flois Diplomat P.

1485. SEVILLA, Miguel R.

1486. SEÑA, Luis Alfonso S.

1487. SIANG, Rejyl B.

1488. SIBI, Summer C.

1489. SIERRA, Donnabelle B.

1490. SIGA-AN, Richard C.

1491. SILVA, James John M.

1492. SILVANO, Ma. Berna Joyce M.

1493. SILVOSA, Lex Joshua Andrew U.

1494. SIMANGAN, Emalyn V.

1495. SIMBRE, Marhen Jason P.

1496. SIMBULAN, Angelique Pearl P.

1497. SIMONDO, Mark John H.

1498. SIMYUNN-NORIEL, Ethel A.

1499. SINGSON, Karlo Becher G.

1500. SINGSON, Zsarynha Gay E.

1501. SIOSON, Minette L.

1502. SIRIBAN, Jonanette E.

1503. SITOY, Rounald A.

1504. SIVA, Isabel Pia Rose E.

1505. SO HIONG, Don A.

1506. SOCO, Michaela Marie I.

1507. SOKOKEN, Desiree N.

1508. SOLAIMAN, Norwidad R.

1509. SOLANO, Datu Morro L.

1510. SOLINAP, Joyce Ann May C.

1511. SOLIS, Andre O.

1512. SOLIVEN, Marla A.

1513. SOLLANO, Jose Gabriel Antonio T.

1514. SOLLER, Miguel Sebastian C.

1515. SOLON, Rodelio V.

1516. SORIANO, Reuben Bernard M.

1517. SORIANO, JR., Joseph A.

1518. SORIAO, Laurence P.

1519. SORONGON, Howell G.

1520. SOSA, Gerald Vincent A.

1521. SOTELO-GESELL, Erby Jennifer D.

1522. SUAL, Jecar G.

1523. SUAN, Angelo Andro M.

1524. SUAREZ-LAVILLA, Slynn R.

1525. SUEDAD, Mary Charlen Joy P.

1526. SUELAN, Leo S.

1527. SULIT, Leor Jyle C.

1528. SUMAGANG, Rey L.

1529. SUMAIL, Glover Rais B.

1530. SUMAMPONG, Antonette Janvy B.

1531. SUMAYLO-IMPERIAL, Katherine Joy S.

1532. SUMILONG, Paolo Miguel Francisco A.

1533. SUSON, Glory Joy S.

1534. SUSTIGUER, Joeffrey C.

1535. SUYAT, Dexter John C.

1536. SY, Luis Jude Rey B.

1537. SY, Ma. Frances Aira G.

1538. SY, Martin Franz S.

1539. SY, Rose Anne O.

1540. TABBU, Josephine V.

1541. TABERDO, Brenda B.

1542. TABILOG, Lex D.

1543. TABINGO, Amalia V.

1544. TACIO, Zafhrulah C.

1545. TACORDA, Paul Anthony A.

1546. TACTAY, Allen Joy A.

1547. TAGAMA, Russell Jay S.

1548. TAGUIAM, Julie May C.

1549. TALAMAYAN, Georgiavi Irah F.

1550. TALEON, Dexter P.

1551. TAM, Ann Loraine L.

1552. TAMAYO, Jai Jagannath S.

1553. TAMONDONG, Karlo Paulo DG.

1554. TAMONDONG, Maria Crisselda N.

1555. TAMPADONG, Stephen Jay M.

1556. TAMPI, Bea Agnes M.

1557. TAN, Aaron Jacob G.

1558. TAN, Benjamin Jeptha L.

1559. TAN, Christian Lemuel T.

1560. TAN, Dandolph M.

1561. TAN, Fatima Angeli R.

1562. TAN, Katrina Z.

1563. TAN, Mica Joanna G.

1564. TAN, Michelle Aimee Lyn O.

1565. TAN, Patrice Wendell A.

1566. TAN, Percival Nicholas C.

1567. TAN, Samantha Maxine M.

1568. TAN, Sharie Lulu C.

1569. TAN, Toni Faye J.

1570. TAN-CRUZ, Joan S.

1571. TANA, Krishna Aira A.

1572. TANAEL, Ezekiel V.

1573. TANALGO, Regina DC.

1574. TANGIAN, Kim Carlo F.

1575. TANTOCO, JR., Michael John A.

1576. TAPUYAO, Brooke Lou T.

1577. TARRAYA, Joseph Daniel S.

1578. TARROZA, Joanna Rose R.

1579. TATEL, Ma. Erma T.

1580. TAUTHO, Kay Frin Chez C.

1581. TAYA-AN, Dawn Novera E.

1582. TEJANA, Ritchie Z.

1583. TEJANO, Juan Carlo P.

1584. TEJERO, Faizah Gladys Mae K.

1585. TEJUCO, Felice May A.

1586. TELLO, Karen B.

1587. TEODORO, Bernadette P.

1588. TEODORO, Mark Anthony L.

1589. TEPACE, Maria Charmaine L.

1590. TIANNOK, Shaleem M.

1591. TIBON, Stanley Sam P.

1592. TIBURCIO, Jon Eric B.

1593. TIDOSO, Philip James C.

1594. TIGLAO, Janice C.

1595. TION, Mark Anthony N.

1596. TIONGCO, III, Santiago A.

1597. TIRTHDAS, Samantha Ann T.

1598. TIU, Clarence Marc H.

1599. TOBES, Adah Gwynne P.

1600. TOLEDO, Mary Helen Anne

1601. TOLEDO, Riza Ann T.

1602. TOLENTINO, Angela Margeaux E.

1603. TOLENTINO, Nikkolas Lorenzo Domingo G.

1604. TOMAS, Amourfina M.

1605. TOMOL, Terence Vanessa P.

1606. TORCUATOR, Julian Elizar D.

1607. TOREJA, Joana Patriz C.

1608. TORITA, Mar D.

1609. TORRALBA, Joseph Christopher T.

1610. TORRALBA, Klinton M.

1611. TORREJOS, Roche O.

1612. TORRENTIRA, Emily Rose B.

1613. TORRES, Allison S.

1614. TORRES, Paul S.

1615. TORRES, Ruby Anna L.

1616. TRAYVILLA, Mark Anthony P.

1617. TREPTOR, Ronic Albert D.

1618. TRINIDAD, Glinda B.

1619. TRINIDAD, Paolo Antoniou D.

1620. TRISTEZA, Angeli S.

1621. TUAZON, Oliver M.

1622. TULAGAN, Glamour John L.

1623. TUMULAK, Karla Marie T.

1624. TUTAAN, Lady Ann D.

1625. TUVIDA, Maervic T.

1626. UGSOD, Lariza Aidie R.

1627. UNCIANO, Jenny Flor C.

1628. URBANO-BALMEO, Mauryne Fe N.

1629. USITA, Leonardo B.

1630. USITA, Zoj Daphne A.

1631. USOP, Ablah M.

1632. UY, Gabriel Paulo R.

1633. UY, Jay Albert M.

1634. UY, Joefrey S.

1635. VALAQUIO, Jan Reuell S.

1636. VALDEZ, Anna Danessa H.

1637. VALDEZ, Basill Owen D.

1638. VALDEZ, Daniel A.

1639. VALE CRUZ, Michelle A.

1640. VALENCIA, Iris Ann R.

1641. VALERO, Oscar E.

1642. VALES, Philip Conrad D.

1643. VALIENTE, Micah Abijah B.

1644. VALINO, Shiela O.

1645. VALLARTA, Marvin M.

1646. VALLE, Joanna Charis E.

1647. VALLENA, Padim G.

1648. VALONES, Genald M.

1649. VANGUARDIA, Angelo M.

1650. VARONA, Granney R.

1651. VEHEMENTE, Joseph Harvey M.

1652. VEJERANO, Jemmie Rose E.

1653. VELASCO, Mary Ann Margaret F.

1654. VELASCO, Milagros Isabel L.

1655. VELASQUEZ, Jonn Irvin M.

1656. VERANO, Marbien L.

1657. VERGARA, Diomdelia B.

1658. VERGARA, Ivann James Z.

1659. VERIDIANO, III, Michael Noel R.

1660. VETUS, Lilibeth Grace L.

1661. VIERNES, Jufferson D.

1662. VILARAY, Mary Jane L.

1663. VILLABEZA, Gennethe Anne R.

1664. VILLAFUERTE, Angela Charmeon C.

1665. VILLAGANAS, Nilgie C.

1666. VILLAGONZALO, Ronan Y.

1667. VILLAMIL, Carl Ron F.

1668. VILLAMOR, Frances Kara G.

1669. VILLANOZA, Annabelle P.

1670. VILLANUEVA, Apollo A.

1671. VILLANUEVA, John Michael S.

1672. VILLANUEVA, Jomar Sean H.

1673. VILLANUEVA, Ma. Fatimah V.

1674. VILLANUEVA, Rea Theresa G.

1675. VILLANUEVA, Rigel A.

1676. VILLAR, Mary Grace L.

1677. VILLARAIZ, Kirby A.

1678. VILLARAMA, Bianca Danica S.

1679. VILLAREAL, Sem Precioso A.

1680. VILLARMEA, Mithi E.

1681. VILLARTA, Reychelle Anne B.

1682. VILLARUEL, Andres Mikhail T.

1683. VILLARUEL, Joriel Marie R.

1684. VILLASIS, James Gregory A.

1685. VILLEGAS, Rey L.

1686. VILLEGAS, Sherluck Jun C.

1687. VILLOCIDO, Marie Ronaldine G.

1688. VINLUAN, Pretz Vernice A.

1689. VIOLA, Kyle Omar T.

1690. VISITACION, Francis Jovilou E.

1691. VITO, Jeanette O.

1692. VIVAS, Adrian N.

1693. VIZCARRA, William B.

1694. VIÑAS, Ishmael Z.

1695. WACAS, Welhelm Sefri M.

1696. WU, Sandia O.

1697. YANG, Dan Patrick L.

1698. YANGA, Daryl R.

1699. YANSON, Wendel P.

1700. YAP, Anthony L.

1701. YAP, Francis George S.

1702. YAP, Jessica Agnes L.

1703. YAP, Monica Anne T.

1704. YAP DUQUE, Antoinette Valerie Y.

1705. YAPHOCKUN, Frances Noelle C.

1706. YASIN, Sainoden D.

1707. YASIN, JR., Nasib D.

1708. YBIERNAS, Glyzelle Dianne DJ.

1709. YEE, Kimberly A.

1710. YERRO, IV, Teodolfo Martin S.

1711. YETYET, Wendell Ryan I.

1712. YLAGAN, Roent Lloyd M.

1713. YOGUE, Akira Marie R.

1714. YU, Cheyenne Amayma P.

1715. YU, Frances Ivy D.

1716. YUSI, Eugene Q.

1717. YUSOPH, Nur-elias P.

1718. YUSUP, Jhenilyn N.

1719. ZAMORA, Ivan Darwin G.

1720. ZAMORA, Rosarie Z.

1721. ZAPANTA, Jezreel E.

1722. ZAYAS, Gesah Angelyn I.

1723. ZORILLA, Jam Michelle O.

1724. ZOSA, Eleanor Joan S.

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