In five minutes: My day just ended

Lake George: On the waterI’m beginning to like these quickie posts, more so during days like today when I was too busy to even begin a draft post.  Yes, it was THAT kind of day.

I am trying to catch up, clean up, and not mope.  The first two days of the week saw me getting rebuffed for efforts to help at work.  Lesson learned: don’t volunteer.  In my hopes to be of assistance, I’ve been told off.  I know, I know.. I shouldn’t take it personally.  I should just go with the flow like our duck on the water.  I shouldn’t mope, but I’ve been jaded.

Even on the way home, the lady bus driver was ranting on everyone.  She had closed the bus door on me and had scolded me when I finally put in my Metrocard.  Once inside, the passengers were practically laughing their tails off making fun of how she was making like a raving lunatic not just with her driving, but more so with her rants.  We couldn’t help but shrug our shoulders and share a collective chuckle as we all just made light of her otherwise obnoxious behavior.  It was either get irritated or be amused.  I chose the latter.

Bedtime… time to say my prayers.. to thank Him for another day, and to pray for a blessed one tomorrwow.

Five minute dash of a post

It’s 38 minutes past midnight and here I am typing away when I should be lying down wandering off to dreamland. I had plugged the iPad into the charger and was hoping to freshen up (last midnight pre-bedtime rituals) when my mother-in-law beat me to the solitary bathroom in our tiny home.

I started browsing and had started reading, and was seriously thinking of writing a post in response to a prompt on the Daily Post (or another writing tip) but that post would’ve kept me up until way past 2am.

So I am doing a mini-version of a previous writing exercise where we were supposed to write spontaneously for 10 minutes. Since it’s past midnight and thre’s work tomorrow, I really have only 5 minutes to spare.

I’m wishing away my cold and what coughing I have left. This is getting tired. I’ve been sick for a week and a half now, and while I’d like to stick to my mantra that I am getting better (voice hoarse, and they said that means I’m actually on the road to recovery), I don’t really feel like I’m beating this. (Or maybe I’m just tired.)

Maybe work has just been too much. And to think the boss is on vacation!

I have a ton of other things I want to say but my five minutes are up and I need to pay attention to my bladder. (Motherhood + age… go sue me.)

Nighty-night, New York. Another day begins in 5 hours for me.