Two minutes to five

My day is almost ended but I need to do an errand before I head home.  I really should be packing up and cleaning up my space but I felt an urge to stop by here and write.

Last night, I came across this daily prompt on the DAILY POST (which I am not tagging because it’s going to trigger a pingback which I don’t want to do) about writing a piece on Love in the 21st Century.  That was an interesting prompt, if I may say so, and like many other hopeless romantics out there, I had my own two cents’ worth to share.  But it’s such a simple yet profound topic all at the same time that we often find ourselves either floating or sinking in quicksand or in the clouds.

I stopped myself short and instead found myself writing someone who came to mind when my brain finally won over my heart and I made up my mind not to write the piece.  My e-mail turned out to be one hell of a blogpost if I had published it, but instead I hit sent.  5 times, I saw that x in red telling me it wasn’t going through.  Only then did I realize that the e-mail account I was trying to send from was no longer “active” in my phone.  Alas, I had to accept the fact — it wasn’t meant to be sent.  Too angry perhaps.  Too honest.

I could’ve insisted and sent through another e-mail account or other.  Instead I took a step back and just heaved a sigh and left it at that.

The universe wanted it to be that way.  So be it.