Art Journal Every Day: Talking to myself

I so titled this entry because the journaling is very personal and I executed it in such a way that it was only visible to me.

Acrylic paint backgroundI started with this background which was pink and blue acrylic over a grey watercolor background.  I am just starting to work with acrylic paint, so I wanted to see how it was to use it.  The idea was just to create a background and test these two shades of liquid acrylic paint I had gotten from Michael’s.

Then one day, after reading up on Jordan Hill’s guest post in Julie Fei-Fan Balzer’s blog where Jordan showed his process step-by-step, I saw that journaling doesn’t have to be always on top of the work.  Journaling can be done under the artwork .

As Jordan shared:

“The first step for me, in any of my art journal pages is a very basic layer of journaling. The best way to do this is to go to any search engine, type in “journal writing prompts”, and choose one out of the hundreds of thousands of prompts that pop up. My current favorite is something known as the 5000 Question Survey. Most people, when filling this out, will simply use words in a notebook. Others will use a blog. However, I find it extremely enjoyable to use them as art journal prompts. It becomes a lot more enjoyable for me personally. x x x

I used a sharpie marker to write all over my background in response to this prompt. This is not meant to be read, and we will be covering this layer up with lots of paint. This is meant for you alone, to explore the topic at hand, and to reveal your true feelings about them. You can do as much or as little journaling as you wish. I normally do a single page of journaling, but you can go to a second page for a spread, or you may even stack one layer of journaling on top of each other, turning your journal, and writing in different directions.”

Then Jordan proceeded to paint over the journaling.

Art Journal Every Day - Work in Progress:Journaling over BackgroundI did it the same and a little differently by beginning with what was top of mind to me and writing it in using a Sharpie pen in black.  I just wrote spontaneously, and I actually would have been proud of what I had written but it is too personal to share for now.  It’s a very humble me talking to me.  To paraphrase Jordan, this is meant for (me) alone, to explore the topic at hand, and to reveal (my) true feelings about them.

The art journal entry actual sat this way for a couple of days until tonight when I finally decided I would look for a quote from one of my favorite authors who has taught me a lot, the late Leo Buscaglia.  A very prolific writer with a library of books to his name, it wasn’t difficult to find something that was very apt to what I felt in my heart.

I exist, I am, I am here, I am becoming, I make my own life and no one else makes it for me. I must face my own shortcomings, mistakes, transgressions. No one can suffer my non-being as I do, but tomorrow is another day, and I must decide to leave my bed and live again. And if I fail, I don’t have the comfort of blaming you or life or God. ” 
― Leo BuscagliaLiving Loving and Learning  

At first I thought I’d just draw and paint pink flowers over the journaling, covering it with graphics like Jordan did, but I thought instead of just writing the quote from Leo’s book  on top of the journal entry using a metallic marker.  I picked up my Elmer’s Painter’s Pearlescent markers and of course picked up pink as it would blend easily with the pink acrylic background, and blend it did.

Keeping it simple.  After all, it’s just me talking to me.

Art Journal Every Day: Talking to myself

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Elmers Painters Pearlescent Markers
Sharpie Permanent Marker Chisel Tip in Black
Americana Acrylic Paint Royal Fuchsia

Americana Acrylic Paint Ultramarine Blue

Art Journal Every Day: Love and Crayons

Art Journal Every Day: Love and CrayonsThis started out with scribbling which didn’t quite work for me, so I had to “repair” it by creating something to put on top of the word art I had written. I had to scribble the caption before the crayons because it would’ve been difficult to write over with text or additional drawings.  I think the word art I put on top of it worked quite well, and I’m still thinking of other journaling to add on strips of  kraft paper to be pasted onto the heart.

This makes the third of my heart series for our Art Journal Every Day Project, inspired by Julie Fei-Fan Balzer.

I’ve been raring to use crayons on kraft paper which, much like construction paper which is supposed to be a good medium for the wax to stick to, makes the color float in a more vivid fashion.  I love the way it came together, after which I decided to doodle in black ink to create the background.

The wordart was created using the “Miserable” font in outfline form, then I enclosed it in a square in random fashion and then doodled the background again.  I was torn between coloring in the letter or just leaving it blank, but in the end, my red sharpie pen called out to me.

I’m already getting ready to start the next one, although I am still not positive I will get to my 28 hearts by the end of the month.  Then again, never say never.. right?  Not all the journal entries will involved actual drawing anyway, as I am thinking of doing some hybrid scrapbooking somewhere along the way.

After days and days of not being able to start anything for my art journal project, it’s coming a bit easier now.  I’ve come to accept that art journaling per se does not require all that much journaling because the work is supposed to speak for itself.  The words will come later.

In time.

On the cover of my Art Journal

Don’t laugh now.  I have started my art journal and have tried to come up with my first “entry” using a 4″ x “6 unlined index card, and what art pens I had handy here on my desk.  So I spent the better part of my lunch hour putting this together, and here it is.

I know I have to work harder at photographing the finished work but I was too excited to really give it all that much attention.

4" x 6" first attempt at Art Journaling I was torn between waiting to get my materials together and just doing it spontaneously, but spontaneity won in the end.  It took me 5 sheets to complete the work, and although I was initially tempted to actually print the title on the page and color over, I thought I’d give it a try doing freehand doodling and then coloring it in.  I used to do a lot of this in a previous life when I did my school work and my greeting cards.

I had very limited pens on hand — and the mommy in me had some crayons that I would occasionally fish out of my purse left over from restaurant visits and coloring sheets that had kept the tyke preoccupied.  I would unload them in my desk drawer from time to time to have something stashed away for those times the little boy was here.

I have been fancying swirls the last couple of weeks and decided to work on that for this layout, principally because they were easy and top of mind.

I did the four-color swirl trim first, then needed to cut it out of the original sheet because I didn’t like how my lettering went.  “ART” came out beautifully the first time, but “JOURNAL EVERYDAY” took three attempts before I was happy.  Within the trim (just above the yellow swirl), I inserted my tag (Pinaynewyorker) and below it, I put the date, then filled in all the other empty spaes with plain black swirls, after which I colored the whole background a watery lavander.

Before “assembling” the different elements, I drew the background in pink and blue around the “JOURNAL EVERYDAY” scribbling, then I pasted the four swirls.  I also chose to do a black border around the paper just by running my chisel-edge marker on the edge of the page and then I pasted the four-color swirl.  Rather than just pasting “ART”, the scrapbooker in me made me pull my staple out and staple the word onto the piece.  I wanted more than just the project name in front and it wasn’t hard for me to come up with “A personal journey” which I printed on a piece of kraft folder in Adler font which I also stapled to the postcard.

I joined the Flickr Group where similar and much better works are displayed and I am almost ashamed to show my work on the same page as the great art I see there!

But Art Journaling, much like blogging, is a very personal thing for me.  I like being with a group that inspires creativity in me and helps me to bring out that part deep inside me which I keep suppressed in the midst of work and motherhood.

Angelo will get such a kick out of seeing “mom’s art”, I am sure.  I actually want to collaborate with him in working on my “suns” which he admired when he saw the first time I worked on my scribblings.  Soon.

Why not join us on this journey?

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I invite you to view the Flickr Group dedicated to this endeavor byclicking here, and be inspired to create your own art journal. (Artistic talent optional.)

On with the Kraft Scrapping

kraftscrapIt’s been a while and my photos are waiting to be scrapped into layouts and albums.  I had started this project a while back, promising myself I’d come up with layouts and albums using mostly Kraft paper based elements.

So yesterday I took the time to print out some letters I in black and white on pieces of kraft paper I cut out of the “doggie bags” I’ve been “collecting”.  (I must admit it gives new meaning to “recycling”.)

Using my favorite Letterpress Inverted Alpha which I got from a freebie given by one of the scrapbooking sites I subscribe to, I typed letters spacing them far enough apart to cut separately, and close enough when I ment to produce a whole caption.

I printed the alpha in continuous lines on plain paper and then taped the kraft paper on top of the regular paper to print out my letters.  (This helps me make sure the letters will print within the margin of the kraft paper I cut.)  I am currently using Sharpie Accent Liquid Highlighter to color each letter and I must say I like the way it goes onthe kraft paper, except that the yellow highlighter seems to bbe going “over” the black print instead of “into” it.  I try to color as casually as I can without aiming for perfection because it adds to the rugged look.

As you can see in my Kraft Scrap logo above, the highlighter colors the kraft paper very vividly.  While I am using the highlighters for the letters, I intend to experiment with watercolor for the actual background paper.

Hopefully I can get some layouts up soon.  For starters, here are sample spreads of the letters printed and colored.  

TIP: This font has a tendency to have too big a gap between lines so I did my paragraph spacing on Microsoft Word at “Multiple, .65”.


Coming soon: Embellished captions and headers.