Starting Over at Etsy

This is cross posted in my crafting blog:

I just renewed two listings for my Etsy shop, Gotham Chick, so I have reopened the store officially.  I have two new products to post but the natural light around me is too low because of the glum weather outside, so I’ll save that for later.

Meanwhile, here are two items I already had which were ready for relisting as is.

Dancing Queen Large Dark Copper Freshwater Pearl and Tear Drop Oval Earrings, $65.00

Brown Flirty Braided Cord Hoops, $15.00

ETSY TIP:   Timing as far as posting items is concerned has to be taken into consideration as new posts make your shop “current” and visible to those shopping or browsing at any given time.   So I try to post an item in the morning and an item later in the day when the other side of the world is starting to wake up.

I hope to post my two new earrings later.  I was trying to do an inventory of the stocks I can relist when I chanced upon a pair of my rather “plain” antique brass leaf filigree earrings which I decided to spruce up with some czech press flower beads.  The creative juices started flowing and I ended up doing two pairs in different styles, and I would have gone on and on through the night but my eyes were giving in.  I’m rather excited by that new idea, so watch out for it.

Between the polymer clay experiments, crafts, art journal everyday and just being mom and wife —

.. there just hasn’t been time to get down to sit here and write a post. So where do I begin?

It’s Labor Day weekend and my Sunday feels like a Saturday. (Can we get more three-day weekends, please?) We didn’t plan anything particularly special for the weekend. It was a time to take a break and I have just been enjoying the down time. I’m playing catch up with the crafts and hope to post at least five new items in my Etsy shop before the work week begins.  I’ve baked some beads and need to create pieces to wear it on for quality control testing.  (My continuing polymer clay journey..)

There just haven’t been enough hours in a day.  There was a long delayed trip to Florida.   Work has been busy.  (New boss.)  School opens this week.  Of course there was the matter of preparing for and thankfully being spared by Hurricane Irene.

I’ve been stuck on three layouts for my art journal which I will hopefully get done this week.  (Looking for my black V5.)  I’ve taken to creating layouts on 11 x 17 sheets which I fold into two and can carry around in my tote.  I work around words or phrases and have taken to creating backgrounds ahead.  I’m actually way, way behind but the important thing is that I am continuing with it even if I cannot do it “every day”.

I’ve finished the second installment of “A SONG OF FIRE AND ICE”, A Clash of Kings (A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 2), but have deferred going to the third book because I’ve picked up the The Dukan Diet: 2 Steps to Lose the Weight, 2 Steps to Keep It Off Forever.  (Yes, I’m giving weight loss yet another try.)


I hate goodbyes

We had a send-off for a retiring officer who just happens to be my boss.  (No cause for panic — I already have a new boss..)  I had served under this retiring principal for but a year and a half, but I can truly say she was one of the people I learned from the most.  Perhaps it helped that she has been with the company for as long as I’ve been alive — 45 years!  Through it all, she managed to rise from being a clerk out of high school who rose through the ranks, acquired an education, leaving the company as an Executive Vice President, occupying one of the highest positions in a company 40,000+ strong worldwide.

She likened her retirement to a wake and I can’t help but agree.  Everyone says nice things — things that should’ve and could’ve been said a long time ago.  Not that she’s griping, and neither am I.  I guess it’s part of the difficulty with dealing with goodbyes.

I made the gift tags for the candy bags we prepared for her and everyone raved.  They are scalloped tags which I printed on two sides.  I wrote half of her practically 500 strong department and solicited entries for a scrapbook.  It was a labor of love.  (And I am not exaggerating.)

I was going to provide my template for the scallopped tag then I realized that I cannot upload a PDF of the template as that would make it hard to actually type or write your own text or embed your own graphic.  Doing a word document would be difficult as well because of the intricacies of inserting text or an object which needs manipulating to allow the added item to overlap with the template.  So I said — forget it.

So much for generosity and wanting to share.

I really feel all tired and worn and just exhausted.  It’s as if all the effort I poured into the scrapbook and the business of preparing for this party suddenly caught up with me.  Not that I was alone — I wasn’t even the primary mover.  We have a lady who is the party expert in our department and who happens to be the closest friend of my boss in the company, so the logistics were a breeze.  I think it’s more of the emotional drain of realizing we’re nearing goodbye.

I have been very lucky as far as the people I have worked for are concerned.  Not only have I had the opportunity to advance financially, but more importantly, they were people of substance who contributed to broadening my horizons and my way of thinking.  I have been fortunate enough to have been entrusted with their confidence — something that I know they didn’t need to do but which they did freely.

I don’t have the energy to write more about the emotional component of work — the fatigue will take me over.  I’ve been exploring Etsy and looking at new ideas and getting ready to focus again on populating the store.  That ought to help preoccupy me and help me focus my efforts elsewhere.  I got an invitation to join another craft fair but I think next weekend is a tad bit too soon.  Perhaps sometime in July.

I have more cards to write and am actually thinking of creating cards over the weekend.  And there is my long overdue post in my Art Journal Every Day project. =(  My watercolor pencils go with me everywhere I go so I just might make an effort to sketch something today.  Need to think happy thoughts. =)

Just as I am about ready to call it a day…

..I get the urge to log on and attempt a ten-minute post.

My time to blog these days seems to  be continually with a time limit.  Makes me think that I’m trying too hard — or on the other hand, I’m just being vigilant.  So many “bloggable” thoughts cross my mind in the midst of washing the dishes, preparing tomorrow’s coffee brew, or even as I walk the last few steps to my doorstep.  I find something blog-worthy as the tyke puts his arms around me.

So I am about ready to turn in and here I am.  I can hear the boy snoring ever so lightly beneath the hum of the airconditioner.  It’s one hot night in New York.  Makes me think whatever antics my mother-in-law has been up to must have been partly brought on by the heat.

I finished an order for a bunch of tags I had posted on Paperkrafts for a set of round paper tags I could’ve sworn I had in stock but which I couldn’t find.  Solution: Just make a new batch.  It’s like a reminder for me to get the shop going, too.  I’ve actually been busy working on putting some pretty ballerinas from Degas’ masterpiece on upcycled manila folders.  I am also going to have to take advantage of the dry humidity to work on some paper projects like my paper baskets and picture frames.  Plans on the drawing board.

Time for me to turn in.  Goodnight, New York.