Friday Five: Rerun

Last week, I said I would:

1.  Find a suitable box to store my gown in.  Still trying to find one.

2. Redo the rose quartz pieces I unstrung.  Started cleaning the rose quartz of the oxidation.  (Yay!  Some progress here..)

3.  Do my own version of the Proust questionnaire. (Blog post in progress.)  Still trying.

4.  Sort the art supplies I got from National Bookstore.  (Chinese paintbrushes and speedball tips!) Found half of them and looking for the rest.

5.  Reboot “The Thank You Postcard Project”. Next?

As you can see, I didn’t quite get anywhere which is sad.  But hey, the week saw me playing Florence Nightingale for the first part, and then everything just got thrown out of whack (schedule-wise) with backlog at work and all.  So I will not complicate things by creating a new list and will instead stick to this one.  Again, trying to keep it simple.  That is the whole point, after all, of doing the list.  It is supposed to help me focus on 5 tasks that will help me feel that the weekend and the succeeding week turns out to be productive.

I have gotten some new comments on my most read posts which deserve a Feedback on Feedback blogpost, but I want to  be able to sit down on this and write — as in really write — a thoughtful blogpost.  Thank you to those who have written, and again, if email is easier, please e-mail me at pinaynewyorker @ .  (I still get e-mails at pinay_newyorker @ but I hardly check that account.)

It’s a gorgeous Friday in Manhattan and I am so tempted to stay later and run around, but I have things I need to take care of before the evening comes upon us on this side of the world. It’s been a very hectic week for me and I am looking to recharge (hopefully) this weekend.  Maybe tick off a thing or two from the list above.  Wish me luck.  If I had my way, I’d be in the park with everyone else, chilling in the shade and just enjoying the afternoon breeze.  But work awaits and I just can’t — not today.  It’s one of those days that leave me pining for a 3 day weekend which I know would never be enough.

Enjoy it, wherever you may be.  Have fun and try to do the things that make you happy.  Just be.

Happy Friday, everyon!
Lovely day in #BryantPark this #Friday noon.  Grab your spot-- bet the tables are all taken.. #HappyFriday, #NYC..#41floorsabove #newyork #midtown #Manhattan #lunchspot #lunchtime


Friday Five: Some progress

I am not too happy that the post preceding this is last week’s Friday 5 post, but I didn’t quite succeed in writing something in between.  Perhaps this coming week will be more prolific given all that is happening.  The good news is, I have made progress with my reboot  (Yay!)

I’m trying to keep focused on 5 doable tasks during the coming week as a way of trying to be more productive.

So how did I do against last week’s list?

1.  Sort my new supplies from Manila.  Beads, crafting supplies, etc. – Happy to report I succeeded here, and even managed to create a few pieces which I have chosen to break up and redo, but I did accomplish this task.

2.  Sort the ribbons from the M&J trim sale. – Boxed and sorted!

3.  Write one letter longhand. – Written, sealed and stamped and on its way to Australia.

4.  Pull all my new magazines together. – Done!

5.  Find a suitable box to store my gown in. – I had hoped to make a trip to oone of my favorite craft stores to get one of those pretty storage boxes, but I ran out of time the previous weekend.  There is this weekend to do that.  So four out of 5?  Quite a bit of progress like I said.

Here’s this week’s Friday five:

1.  Find a suitable box to store my gown in.

2. Redo the rose quartz pieces I unstrung.

3.  Do my own version of the Proust questionnaire. (Blog post in progress.)

4.  Sort the art supplies I got from National Bookstore.  (Chinese paintbrushes and speedball tips!)

5.  Reboot “The Thank You Postcard Project”.

It’s another weekend but with several milestones and holidays.  Today is my little tyke’s 11th birthday which made Mother’s Day a special one for me since.  It’s his last cupcake party (Fifth grade, finally!) and I am excited to celebrate another birthday…

So if only for all that’s happening this weekend alone, I hope to be here writing away just a bit more. Have a fab Friday, everyone!

Friday Five: Another restart

I know I’m beginning to sound like a broken record, but I’m not apologizing.  Another try?  The idea is to list five doable tasks for the weekend or even the week to focus on.  I usually begin with an update on the previous week and then start a new list.

I’m starting afresh.

1.  Sort my new supplies from Manila.  Beads, crafting supplies, etc.

2.  Sort the ribbons from the M&J trim sale.

3.  Write one letter longhand.

4.  Pull all my new magazines together.

5.  Find a suitable box to store my gown in.

Let’s see where this goes.  Happy Friday, everyone!

Friday Five: Second go

The idea is to list five doable tasks for the weekend or even the week to focus on.  I usually begin with an update on the previous week and then start a new list.

1.  Finish my papercrafts. – Managed to actually do this and although I wasn’t able to create as many invitations, I did manage to create enough to send off.

2.  Create one jewelry piece. – Got too busy buying ribbons!

3.  Start sorting the things making its way to Manila. – Off the list!

4.  Pull all my new magazines together into one pile. – Not quite!

5.  Choose my gown. – Ordered a couple and will decide once fitted in front of my personal stylist, Elaine.

My current Friday Five:

1.  Sympathy cards.

2.  Start writing cards meant to be given to friends in Manila — when I get to Manila.

3.  Sort the magazines.

4.  Check out the chocolate melts for the wedding.

5.  Start packing.

Easy enough.  Let’s see how this one goes.  Happy Friday, everyone!

Friday Five: One More Try

The idea is to list five doable tasks for the weekend or even the week to focus on.  I’ve been trying to do this but have slacked off the past couple of months.  I thought I’d give it another try.

1.  Finish my papercrafts.

2.  Create one jewelry piece.

3.  Start sorting the things making its way to Manila.

4.  Pull all my new magazines together into one pile.

5.  Choose my gown.

Easy enough.  Let’s see how this one goes.  Happy Friday, everyone!

My Friday Five (on another Saturday)

Last week’s Friday Five went well for the first two but the last three are staying on my list.

1. Create more pieces for the shop and list more items.

I have actually been on a creative streak all week.  It has me all excited because I’m actually being creative and not just pulling things together using the styles I had used through the last couple of years.

New ideas are coming to me which has me looking at the whole process of producing my pieces differently.  More to come in the shop!

Inspiration to create - The previous week has been a buzz of activity as I started experimenting with the materials I already have for pieces to post in the store.  All unfinished pieces but soon to be completed.  #bracelets #agate #etsy #creativity #insp

2. Start reorganizing my supplies according to component type instead of material.

3. Write a letter.

4. Go back to reading the Bible.

5. Finish my Art Journal Every Day post on Mother’s Day. — which was last week, yes, but I had already started it

Hence this week’s Friday Five is as follows:

1. Write a letter.  Why could something be so simple so difficult to do .. hopefully this weekend.  (A loooooong weekend, at that!)

2. Go back to reading the Bible.  I’m actually hoping to tick this off of next week’s list by carving out regular time every day.

3. Finish my Art Journal Every Day post on Mother’s Day. — It comes in stops and starts and I haven’t touched the art journal for a while now.  Hopefully that will change with a three-day weekend just started.  I really can use the extra day to the weekend to recharge.

4.  Sort the clothes that Angelo has outgrown.  Right about the only person who doesn’t realize how much he’s growing up is the boy, and I hate having to make him change from a shirt he’s already obviously outgrown to somethings that fits better.  I’ve been culling the smaller size shirts/jeans from his wardrobe through the winter, but I think I can do another sweep through.  His hand-me-downs go to a box I send home for an impoverished community where my Mom stays most of the year now.

5.  Start reading again.  Where will I find the time, right?  But that was one of the things I wanted to do this year — read more.  Like every year.  And reading the Bible doesn’t count.  There is just so much literature out there — and even on my book shelf and digital library, unread.

It must seem like I keep listing things down and not actually getting things done.  It feels like the last 8 months of my life has had me just in limbo — floating in space.  I feel the ground under my feet most days now.  I can look at the sunset and see beauty instead of sadness that the day has ended or relief that it has.  I haven’t quite landed on my feet solidly just yet.. but maybe soon.  Hopefully soon.


My Friday Five

On the way to work, a “bus mate” got on the bus from his usual stop and I couldn’t help but take a hard look at his face because he seemed to be so angry at the world.  My seatmate who is a neighbor couldn’t help but notice, too, and she made a funny comment about how he looked so angry so early in the morning.  We were speaking in the vernacular, and I whispered to her the young man was Filipino, too.  But he did look so angry.  Or maybe he was just having a bad morning.  Then I thought I have bad mornings, too, but I try to smile, or I try to get out of that rut early in the morning to make it easier to carry during the day. 

That can make such a big difference when things aren’t working out as you were hoping they would.

I told my friend that back when I was in grade school, my family lived on the San Juan side just beyond Greenhills, and I went to school in St. Paul College of Pasig.  Every morning, I made sure that by the time the car crossed EDSA, I would look towards the traffic coming from the south and smile.  I’d hold that smile until I got off the car.  Back then it was more for the wrinkles I was trying to prevent, and so that I could start afresh before I started my day in school.

Smile.  As they used to say, it’s free — it doesn’t cost a pretty penny.

Here’s a new Friday Five.  So last week I got some done — and that wasn’t bad at all.   This week will be a little different because we’re driving to Washington DC with some cousins from Manila to see other cousins there and visit the nation’s capital.  Still, there are things that need to be put on the list.

1. Write G. And maybe C..  As those who read regularly probably know by now, I’m one of the few trying to keep the post office relevant and in business in this day and age of electronic this and that.  I’m trying to write regularly and have finally sent out the letter to L.  I am getting there!

2. Re-list at least 2 items in the shop. (Won’t have time to finish a piece but can certainly relist.)

3. Wire wrap crochet undrilled gemstone nuggets.. This I intend to do on the road as I’ve been able to do it on the bus, with my crochet hook and wire on hand.  I can save the actual wrapping for later.

4. Write a post over at GothamChick.  That blog has been languishing the last couple of weeks with nary a peep from me.  And not for lack of anything creative to do!

5. Send postcards home to Angelo from the trip.  This is how I’ve been documenting our travels  through the years, and while this is our nth visit to DC, there are always postcards to send and new things to write.

Hope you’re having a good Friday wherever you are — here’s to a great weekend for us all.

It was a cloudy morning but another sunrise is always reason to be grateful for another day… Happy Friday, everyone! #mynewyork #sunrise #happyfriday #weekend #grateful


Keeping Warm

I don’t buy scarves.  Well, not the ones meant to keep you warm in the winter, that is.  Since I started making my own through crochetting and knitting, I have kept away from buying anything from the stores.

I’ve started knitting again.  Nothing fancy — just thought I’d (finally) use some yarn I had bought towards Spring this year which I had intended to knit into something useful for the winter.  While Fall is momentarily back today again, the weather forecast has the temperatures dipping anew beginning tomorrow, so I have started taking out my winter gear.

Bernat Really Big Yarn in KathmanduI’m working with Bernat’s Really big yarn in Kathmandu (shades of pink, beige and brown) requiring size 19 needle.   I actually think I’m using something even bigger — a size 15?  (Need to check later.)  The stitch and the yarn make for a rather bulky stitch so two stitches make for an inch.  Roughly.

After three skeins, I find that I need at least two more plus fringe, so I will go back to the yarn store (if I can remember which one) on 38th where I picked it up from.  One skein produced around a foot long of 13 stitches across, but a good scarf should at least be 5 feet at this thickness.  The good thing with using a bulky yarn like this one is that it allowed me to work faster, although working with huge knitting needles can be cumbersome.  (They are even thicker than my fingers.)

Today was a real departure from the cold weather of the previous week.  Sunday was apparently just as nice but Angelo and I stayed home.  It gave me a chance to catch up with my tasks for the weekend (hooray!) and saw me getting closer to hopefully getting on with the jewelry making again.   (Keeping my fingers crossed.)  The only thing I wasn’t able to do over the weekend was write the letters and do the postcards I had hoped to send out.  But I have started working on that today.

A day at a time.. keeping warm.