Friday Five: Between last week and today


Five goals. Five tasks. Five things to keep in mind this weekend. More for me than for anyone else. First, let’s see how I did with last week’s list.

1. Put away my christmas decor. Mostly boxed and ready to store in the attic again. I did the clean up by myself so I think it was a feat to have done the clean up already.

2. Take a stab at beginning a pencil skirt. I didn’t quite get anywhere with this but I am optimistic about this coming long weekend.

3. Create 5 pieces for the shop and post at least 2. I got distracted with my attempts to do bead crochet, but I am definitely doing this within the next 48 hours.

4. Cook some ox tail stew. (I am thinking Kare, but I’m not sure I have enough peanut butter.). I did it with cream of mushroom and it was quite a success. Happy to have done this!

5. I will be art journaling. On it!

Another Friday, another list. It’s a long weekend for us so I’m all stoked to have a restful yet productive weekend. For starters, I’m having my favorite French Onion soup at Madison Kayser. Oh, the list!

1. Start working on my pencil skirt. Pattern ready. Fabric — wait, have to choose from what I have in my stash. I’m thinking of doing a stretch top using some leftover Jersey I used for a skirt. Hmmmmm..

2. Write some letters. Actually it’s about FINISHING several letters I have stashed away in sheets I need to cut. But I have them — just need to end it!

3. Deal with this pile of magazines I mean to get rid of. I hate throwing away magazines and I wanted to browse them before throwing them away. I promise to get ride of at least a dozen, if not double that number!

4. Prepare the preloved books I will give away this coming week. I do have a more systematic destashing in my list of 19 for 2019. I really have to do this with more determination for it to become a regular thing.

5. Read. I crave to do more of this.

Hope you all stay warm this cold weekend!

Friday Five: Keep it simple!

#FridayFiveSo it’s back — and I had actually posted this Thursday night on my Instagram account.  For those who just stumbled into my corner of the blogsphere, My Friday Five is a list of doable tasks to be done during the weekend or the week following.  I started doing this intermittently last year and hope to bring it back in 2015.  For this week’s Friday Five, here’s my list:

1. Write letters.

2. Finish 2015 graphic.

3. Put away extra Christmas cards and wrappers.

4. Create one piece of jewelry.

5. Pick five items to destash and give to someone else.

Make your own and you might find yourself more focused. Keep the list simple and choose things that you actually intend to do. Make the tasks achievable. The list is there as a scorecard and a reminder of what you have set out to do. Even if only one gets ticked off the list, you will feel a sense of accomplishment when you go back to it day before the next Friday5. No pressure! It’s there to keep you focused on doable tasks.

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Happy Friday, everyone!

Daily Prompt: Three of Ten – Saturday Morning Buzz

Daily Prompt: Scribble down the first ten words that come to mind. Pick three of them. There’s your post title. Now write!

Words: Saturday, morning, sunny, quiet, buzz, weekend, chocolate, postcards, thoughts, way

I know.. not that wild a title — and really, not a wild set of 10 words to choose from.  But I’m trying to “push” myself to write on this lazy, sunny Saturday.  I just realized it’s already noon.  I keep thinking “morning” — but it’s noon already.  (Just prepared lunch for the mother-in-law who wants to take us all out to lunch.)

My normally quiet place that buzzes with the TV or DVD is a little busier with some workmen replacing the shingles on our roofs.  Our unit had its turn yesterday — they’re doing the ones across the courtyard today.  I guess that’s where “buzz” came in.

I am halfway done through with my online grocery shopping.  We used to think it was more expensive, but when you go down to the last cent and factor in convenience, delivery, and most importantly, quality, it helps.  It’s just that they don’t carry all the brands I need, and there are simply those brands I need to get at cheaper prices at the wholesaler.

I’m thinking about the things on my plate this weekend.

1) I have two swaps I need to finish for swap-bot.

2) I have Andreanna’s owl picture frame magnet with the magnet I got glued to its back hanging from my fridge door in a sort of experiment.  I’m hoping the 3/4 inch diameter circular magnet will hold it, and so far, it hasn’t disappointed.

3)  Snail mail: Letter to Gina, card to P.

4) I want to create a piece for myself and for the store.

5) I need to do the cold wash delicates I can’t wash with the jeans and other clothes that have those dangerous zippers that can rip a hole or what not in them.

Sounds like  a lot.  I have approximately 36 hours until the weekend is over — let’s see how far I go.

We got stuck in traffic last night no thanks to a fire on the 59th Street Bridge.  We ended up snaking our way out of Manhattan — with the usual 20-minute drive out with traffic turning into a two hour delay.  Thanks to the traffic, though, I was able to finish the blog post preceding this and promptly published it when I got home.  (Hence, no five-minute blog posts.)

Saturdays are usually reserved for errands after lunch.  I’ll make a guess it’ll be Bobby’s Burger Palace — or maybe not.   In any case, I have to start getting ready.  Even that takes time.    So what have you been up to this Saturday?

Friday to Friday… A belated list of five things to do this weekend (Feb 2/3)

I had meant to do this list yesterday but work overtook me.  I had taken the morning off to attend a workshop in Angelo’s school meant to give guidance on statewide tests coming up this April.  (Our first year as the tests are administered from third grade onwards.)

I ended up in the city noonish, lost my blackberry between the bus to Manhattan and settling down at my desk (which was replaced before I left for the day) and got home in time for my usual Friday dinner date with my favorite guy.  I also got busy sorting some crafting supplies and raring to start creating!

Here’s my progress report from the previous week’s list segueing to this weekend’s list:

1.  Yes, I successfully started the multi-page Art Journal Every Day entry which I am going to be working on more this weekend.

2.  I didn’t get to create that piece of jewelry nor post anything in the Etsy shop but I am going to do a listing before the night is out.  And I finally found the correct crystal configuration to fit this gorgeous cross setting I’ve been working hard on completing the last couple of months (!), so who knows?  I might actually get to create something for me.. and maybe for the shop.

3. I have been doing the writing and hope to keep at it.  At least one handmade card in the works, and I really need to get those birthday cards out.

4. I am into Chapter IV of Grisham’s The Associate and progressing rather well.  (Big hooray for that!)

5. I sorted a heap of vintage postcards and have identified almost a dozen vintage cards I might offer to swap in the postcard groups — antiques from Mexico, Bermuda, Miami, etc.  I’ve set aside the ones from New York or about New York, and will put them in the with rest.  (Getting there, getting there.)

I’ve been lounging on the sofa trying to watch Season 1 of “Homeland” which is all the craze these days because of the buzz and awards the show has gotten.  The thing is that it’s on cable for pay and we don’t have the channel so we’re doing a catch -up a season late and I’ve so far gone through five episodes.  I’m hooked.

I’ve always liked Damian Lewis and was sad when “Life” didn’t make it beyond its two season run, and sad that he returned via Showtime which I didn’t have easy access to.  (We prefer to pay for the Filipino channels extra. =)  But this is quite the come back.

Dinner time for me and the boy for now… and creating later!

Five things I hope to accomplish this weekend (1/19-21)

It’s a long weekend for us this weekend, so maybe I’ll get down to doing my list of five things to do this time around before I have to start another week on Tuesday.

Despite the extra day, I’m trying to work in small buckets of time to make sure I get to do some cleaning up this morning and start my weekend with a blogpost.  Morning breakfast of coffee in my favorite mug and pancakes with melted caramel.  (Yum!)  I’m sort of indulging in my favorite food treats because I have made a decision to start dieting after the weekend for a myriad of reasons — which is another blog post coming some time in the coming days.

This week, I hope to

Art Journal Every Day cover as of 1/18/131.  Start my multi-page entry in my ART JOURNAL EVERY DAY.

2. Jewelry crafting: Create one piece of jewelry for myself and post an item in the Etsy shop.

3. Write.. to friends back home.  (And one or two this side of the world.. birthdays coming up.  My handmade cards are posted in in my journal.. here.

4. READ.

5. Gather 100 postcards I want to find a new home for.  (100 a week, a little at a time.)

Sabado (Saturday) Morning

I’ve been busy with the postcards (yet again) and addressed three Sesame Street postcards to three Filipino fellow postcard collectors. This was a postcard I had gotten a couple of years back from Sesame Place, back when my now 8-year-old was starstruck by the sight of Elmo, Ernie and Bert and Super Grover. These days, it’s the postcards from Disney Hollywood Studios  showing Star Wars that gets his attention.

The Sesame Street Gang (Sesame Place Postcard)

I already have a copy of this which I had sent home addressed to my son, and remember that I had bought it to trade away.  I haven’t been trading for the last 8 years but have continued to collect postcards.  Alas, it’s time to weed out the postcards which don’t belong to my collecting interests so I offered them to Postcrossing Philippines on Facebook of which I am a part of.  All three have been picked up and are on their way.

It’s a sunny Saturday here and I guess we’re going out for errands after the usual family lunch.  I’m not too upbeat about it because I’m not feeling well.  (Something we ladies have to deal with on a monthly basis.)  This time around is particularly painful, but I’m trying to think happy thoughts to chase the pain away.    (The boy was sitting on the sofa shoulder-to-shoulder with me waiting for me to finish with the laptop so he can play an online game that he can’t do on the iPad.  I gave him a look and told him it takes me longer to write if someone’s waiting on me.  I think it worked.)

Three day weekend on our side of the world as the United States celebrates Labor Day.  We have no special plans.  Just stay home, do errands, relax and recharge.

I plan to continue organizing the postcards, work on my Art Journal and my Altered book, write a few letters (penpals and friends await!), and maybe, just maybe, read a chapter or two more of my current book which has been mothballed a couple of months now, A STORM OF SWORDS: A Song of Fire & Ice Book III.  “Kindling” (hahaha!) used to be a comfort, but nowadays, I’m not that close with my e-reader anymore.  Maybe it’s time to renew the friendship, specially since I always have the work Ipad with me.

Three day weekends are going to be scarce and precious now that school is opening this Thursday for New York.  My little guy is trying to enjoy what’s left of summer, but isn’t particularly excited.  (Or he’s just trying to hide it.)

I just want to be able to sit down and paint, do collage, and try new things.  And I’m doing one of my favorite things right now which is writing here.  =) Literally, it made me smile.

I’m thinking Steak Fajitas at Chili’s this afternoon.  =)  Yet another smile.  No guacamole for me, though.  Everything please BUT the guacamole.  I Except when served at Dos Caminos, I’m not particularly fond of avocados except as a dessert like we make it in the Philippines.

Lunch time for the mother-in-law so have to go and get a-heating in the kitchen.  Here’s to a fruitful long weekend for those of us here in the US.