Video Reveal: 30 days of blogging prompts journal for Swap-bot

I finally found the time to edit and create the final video reveal of my 30 days of blogging prompts journal which has already made it to my partner.  The next thing is for me to organize the posts in this blog according to the prompts — at least for the ones that I actually published.

I am keeping a copy for myself and have two photocopies on hand.  I’m still thinking about whether or not I should offer that as a give away.  (Now who would even want to read all that about me? LOL)


Mail Art by Gotham Chick

I’ve been a member of for a half year now and I’m still learning.

I principally joined upon the urging of Kat (of CuriosaKat) who I had bumped into in the Postcrossing  Philippines group on Facebook.  I initially resisted the urge to do Artist Trading Cards or ATCs but I eventually gave in and have enjoyed it.  Mail art, however, is something new.  I did try to join a decorated envie (or envelope)  swap at the start, but I got scolded for not understanding the instructions.  I had made the envelope, decorated it, and sent it in another envelope.  I didn’t realize (stupid me) that I was supposed to decorate the envelope, stamp it and send it on its merry way.  (Lesson learned..)  I had to resend, and I got my rating of 5.

Sometime in December, though, I had gotten overwhelmed, overcommitting myself — and I ended up with delays that caused two ratings of 3.  (Ratings are important to join other swaps.. it’s the equivalent of street cred in the swap community.)

The two below were mail art I created for a recent swap.  I’m going at it again with another swap this weekend, and I think I”m getting the hang of it. Some very interesting mail art have maid it to my box and if my pictures come out okay, I will be posting them here soon.

These were made by printing over repurposed brown bags… they came up very grungy which was the effect I wanted to produce, and some printed stickers I picked from the web.
Mail Art by Gothamchick

Mail Art by Gothamchick

Mail Art by Gotham Chick

Artist Trading Card: Vintage Geisha 1

ATC: Asian-Oriental LadiesSo I initially wanted something like an origami geisha which I had seen in different websites, but finding the diagram to work with proved to be a bit of a challenge despite a nice small pack of origami paper.  I decided not to push it instead of risking not meeting the deadline.

For the background, I used Japanese calligraphy on a vintage postcard which I printed as is and then painted over (again) with gold acrylic paint.  I chose the photo from online pictures of vintage geishas and cut it out, decorating the card first with cutouts from chiyogami paper.  Ta-da!

Not much, I know, but I’m trying to develop better techniques.  For this swap, I had to create two of the same or similar cards — so the floral accents differed, but the lady and the background stayed the same.

I’m looking to create those origami geishas one of these days.  I haven’t stopped researching for diagrams and/or instructions.

This ATC is so titled because I have three different images of vintage geishas I want to work with.  There will be another two sets coming, swap or no swap.

Artist Trading Card: LONDON

A Famous City ATC #2 - LondonI’m pretty proud of this particular ATC and I’m hoping to duplicate it except for the stamp of which I had only one, although I have a 5p denomination.  Traded at for the “A FAMOUS ATC #2 – London”.

We were given instructions to create an artist trading card of a specified famous city, and while I missed the first go-around, I’m hoping to complete all. I’m putting together a “how I did it” post in the other blog.  Watch out for that.

Meanwhile, I’m already working on the next one: Tokyo!  Of course it helps that I had just finished a swap of an “Oriental-Asian” ATC so I have the materials.  I might even venture out to doing a mini-origami.