Another “almost midnight” post

I just got back from Chicago and have been busy uploading pictures the last two hours.  (Reviewed the pics on the memory card, edited and “doctored” what needed to be doctored and uploaded, tagged and captioned what I had the energy to write one for.)  I thought I’d be asleep an hour ago but I wanted to upload the pictures of Cousin M’s wedding.

The weekend in Chicago was much too short.  We arrived Friday noon, went around Chicago, got back to our hotel, had to nurse the boy’s fever, went to brunch with Lou, (THANK YOU!!!) and then had the wedding.  The next day (today), it was back to New York for me and the tyke.

I have a ton to write about family, trips with my little guy, the wedding, spanks and cleavage, Chicago’s fabulous Magnificent Mile, the architectural cruise, and my upcoming week with family coming to NYC.  But I have work tomorrow.   And I forgot — postcards.. I have to write about postcards.

I loved the windy city! 

Chicago Skyline while on the architectural cruise