Drawing a blank

Sometimes I find myself staring at an empty box forever.  I feel the need to write something, and maybe I have a dozen different things I want to write about, but somehow it just won’t come and flow.

So I write about that very fact that I can’t seem to write.  (And that got me three sentences.)

It’s almost midnight and I’m wide awake.. I’m trying to think back to how my day has been — and it has been long and productive.  Another visit to the doctor this morning, and I got probed and poked in all sorts of ways, and after all was said and done I was told I was good to go.  (They were measuring something but I suppose my actual attending physician will be the one to tell me what it was that they saw.)  I was at the NYU Langone Medical Center which was where I gave birth 10 years ago.  I like that place — because it was full of happy memories about the biggest new beginning in my life — the birth of my dear boy.

Walking down First Avenue.. Seeing lines and directions pointing forward.  Walked from 42nd to 42nd today after having some tests done at NYU.  It was a beautiful day... #beautifulday #FirstAvenue #eastside #manhattan #mynyc #nyc #mynewyork #walk #movingfI decided to walk back.  I was thinking of my friend in our “other” building which was 10 blocks down 1st Avenue, and around 4 Avenues up.  I wanted to walk because it was pleasantly cool, and I just wanted to get some air.  So I walked.  And I’m glad I did.  It wasn’t that far, and I was on 42nd before I knew it.  I called my friend but she wasn’t picking up.  Still, I decided to take the bus down to the other building, tried her again, and realized she must really be out.

From there I walked to my building eventually, grabbed lunch and sat down to do a bit of work.  Just a bit.

So much walking today — but it felt good.  Walking makes me think in a linear fashion.  I often get bombarded by ideas and thoughts from all directions when I sit down (like right now).  When I walk, my mind seems to go in the same direction my feet are taking me — forward.

I know I should really be doing more of that… for health reasons more than anything else.   Another thing to put down on my “Wish I could do more of that” list.  (Reading, exploring NYC, trying out new places, taking more pictures, writing, etc.)

And I’m about to turn into a pumpkin now, so let me bid you all goodnight.  It was a good day, all things considered.  They could have poked and poked and found something that would have merited something other than a perfunctory “You’re good, Mrs. Gonzalez!”.. It could’ve been raining in which case I would have had to worry about getting back to my part of Midtown.  It could’ve been worse — but I got an okay day.  And that’s good enough for me, even if the posts won’t come.  I did manage one.