Here but not quite

I stop by here everyday but don’t quite get to write as much as I’d like to.  I’ve been busy.  (The oldest excuse for not tending to my little corner here.)  Although there are a hundred and one thoughts racing through my mind all day — at least 10 of which would be post worthy — getting to sit down and actually find the right words to get the ball rolling so to speak is completely another matter.  This one, though, is a deliberate attempt to write.  (Looks like I’m succeeding!)

The mornings are now more pronouncedly colder, and looks like the airconditioner can go on hibernation now.  We are continuing with our home project — and the bedroom is practically done except that we have yet to hang our curtains which I hope to do this weekend.  (Have to do the hems!)  Alan and I are very proud of what we’ve come up with, and have already started working on the living room.

I’m getting on with the crafting for my Etsy Shop but even that has hit a slump with the weekend.  Life and work, of course, continues to be a distraction.  I haven’t quite completely caught up with Magkaribal either.  (And my blog server is refusing to let me embed a link there.. hmmmm.)

I have my beat up CD of Jose Mari Chan’s Christmas in Our Hearts album on my desk, hoping to “rip” my favorite Christmas song, “Perfect Christmas”  so I can save it to my blackberry.  The so-called “ber” months are here and it’s time to think of Christmas cards and all the trimmings of the holiday season.  But of course before that, there’s Halloween and then Thanksgiving.

I’m getting there.  Angelo already picked out his costume and is raring to do a “broadcast” for The Angelo Report.  We’re raring to fix our place up and decorate for both holidays.  Last year wasn’t quite as festive because we had spent the holidays in Manila.  I managed to make some Christmas cards but didn’t get to make or send as many as I had really wanted.

It’s just another one of those moments where you find youself saying time just flew by.  The only thing I regret not being able to do is read.  2010 hasn’t been a profilic year for me in that department.  I haven’t chalked up any new reads since the beginning of the year and I’m still in the midst of finishing the English El Fili.

I should try harder, I know.

Someone told me it’s a beautiful day out there.  I stayed in for lunch so all I see is the splendor of sunshine as seen over 40 storeys above Manhattan.  Tempting.  Maybe later.

So Fall has officially arrived.  It’s my favorite time of the year picture-wise.  The colors are more vibrant when summer comes upon us, but they are most dramatic when autumn comes.  I cannot wait to take my tiny cam which produces SLR-like photographs around one of these days.

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