Just another night

It’s minutes past 9pm and I’m exhausted.  Got home from a full day of work trying to find a visa genie for my boss who’s trying to go somewhere that makes the US Embassy process in Manila seem like a piece of cake.  I am trying, and despite my processing company’s pessimism, I believe in miracles.  Between that and the usual things associated with a normal work day, I went home ready to whip up dinner.  Fried chicken wings (what else?) for the boy, and I whipped up some Pork Giniling with Foie Gras.  Rich, I know.  But the delicacy was going to go to waste… I needed something to thicken my giniling and add some flavor to it.  Success!  Rich, indeed. =)  Well, an indulgence once in a while is well-deserved.

A colleague of the hubby’s had given us this gourmet stack of foie gras from Paris a while back, and the ‘best by’ dates were almost past.  It was many notches above liverwurst, and totally yum!

I have a present to wrap up and finish which was requested by someone I made a version of this a while back.  (I can’t be specific as I might have to plead the fifth if someone zeroed in on what it was.)  Other than that, I’m hoping to do more writing, retire early, and heed my body’s pleas for rest.  I wasn’t feeling too well all day, and while the two Aleve’s (naproxen) I drank mid-afternoon somehow helped, it didn’t take care of the problem completely.

Just another night for me.  I just thought I’d write a post before I start wrapping up my evening.  It was THAT busy — no post !  It does happen.

Midweek yet again.  Time did fly once more, but in a good way.  I’m not whining.. just chronicling things here.

Trying yet another different look at Gotham Chick.  Go help my ticker move for that site and visit.. let me know what you think.