The mug that started the collection

This is my first ever Starbucks mug which started my collection in February 2001.

It’s the valentine mug of 2001 which was the first ever mug I ever bought, and which has spurred me to collect more.  Although I have quite a sizeable collection now, most of my mugs have a story to tell, and in chronicling the collection, I think it is also good to take note of the stories behind the mugs as well.I had arrived in New York in June of 2000, and although I had been going to Starbucks regularly thanks to my coffee drinking hubby, I never really paid particular attention to the mugs.  In February 2001, I saw this mug and was just drawn to it because of its design.  I picked it up and used it as a pencil holder in our room.  We had a few mugs in the house already by then, but they were already there and being used by Alan when I got here.This will always have a special place in the display because it’s the one that started it all.

2/22/17: A note from Pinay New Yorker: A more updated post appears here.

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