Up before the crack of dawn

31Oct08 009I’ve been up since around 2AM because Angelo asked for a glass of ice water.  We’ve been asleep since just a little past 9pm (which meant I missed much of Wentworth Miller in last night’s Prison Break) so it’s not like I am heady with sleep.  I’ve been shuffling in and out of the room trying to keep Angelo’s temperature down.  Father and son have commandeered the middle of the bed which doesn’t give me much room except on the edge.  I’m waiting for them to move enough to make space for Mama.

In the meantime, I’ve been catching up correspondence (long hand, which I am sure the United States Postal Service and PhilPost are happy about, not to mention Hallmark), and yes, uploading more pictures to Flickr.  

The little tyke then gets out of bed at just after 2AM and here we are in the living room,  watching Noggin but I’m not complaining because I can see the positive effect their shows have had on Angelo.  Favorite word of the moment is “awfully” which, I noticed, is being used a lot in Wow, wow, Wubbsy.  And it’s keeping him still as he watches while lying down on his fold out sofa.  I’d sleep but he keeps insisting that I stay awake.

Alan got out of bed after 6AM and I was finally able to stretch out on the sofa for a nap.  One hour.  I had to get up and feed father and son their breakfast, get my cup of coffee and get ready for work.  I left the house later but not that terribly late.   Here I am at 10:24 in the evening, after having sent my last work e-mail out just a little over half an hour ago, and I think the adrenalin is still flowing.  Between setting up for the boss to take the corporate jet and cancelling her commercial flight departing tomorrow at 6:30am, confirming time tables and trying to get over gritting my teeth to stop from screaming at this woman who has made it her mission to make my life difficult because she hates my boss — I feelnow  like I had worked 12 hours straight.

I didn’t.  I actually even took the time to do my annual mammogram screen (finally!).  I got to work at around 10AM, left at 3PM, kept e-mailing until around 4PM, resumed at around 5:30, and didn’t stop til just after 9:30.  Let me see..11 hours.. almost but not quite.

For all the hassle, I feel like I accomplished a lot.  And I did talk back to the creature who thinks she’s above everyone else, eliciting an apology although it was obviously a patronizing attempt to lay a guilt trip on me — I guess I just have to accept the fact that she will always have an axe to grind against me because she used to be the one where I’m at.  I’m trying not to be the evil witch here, but there are always people and situations where you can’t help but let your horns and your fangs show.

Biggest accomplishment of the day: getting my mammogram.  Biggest relief: Angelo is finally well!  No more fever. (I guess this means I can sleep through the night tonight without being roused at 2AM or thereabouts.)  The only problem is he’s wide awake after having napped from 3-9PM.  Oops…

I am at a loss as to what brought triple the usual number of people who visit to my corner of the blogsphere.. that was a first.  And it’s not just the blog stats, Adsense actually reflected the increase as well.  Hmmmm… I must’ve done something right.

I donned my fuschia pink coat and I walked down to the bus stop with my camera again.  I took a couple of shots and saw a marked change in hue in the trees.  The thing with Autumn is that the colors change in a matter of days and a lush and leafy tree can be reduced to bare overnight.  What was green turning yellow can slowly turn orange and then a fiery red within 48 hours.  So the shades I saw this morning might not be the same shades of red and orange tomorrow.  It makes me want to keep taking pictures each day I walk down this familiar path. 

I try not to dwell on the challenges — like that woman who practically gets this close to having a heart attack each time I get a rise out of her — there is so much more to my life than work after all.  There’s this little boy who finally whines that he wants to go to bed now and if we can pick a book and if I can be the one to read him his bedtime story.  My throat is dry and I’m fighting off the symptoms of a cold, but who am I to say no?  Not to this little tyke who lights up my world and warms my heart like no other.

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