Always children in our eyes

Last week was a tad bit hectic because I had two “almost pamangkins”  visiting for four days.  (I know, too short a stay.)  I say “almost” pamangkins because although we are not related by blood, their Mom and I have known each other for ages now, and if we had a choice as to who we can call “relatives”, I’d pick them.

I’ve know Phoebe since she was a baby and although I didn’t get to spend as much time with Keoni since he was born two years before I moved to New York from Manila, I have seen him grow through my visits to Manila every now and then.

They have indeed grown.. !

When I see these kids no longer waddling along like they did as toddlers, I feel “dated”.  I can’t help but come to terms with the reality of how I have advanced on in years as I see how much they have grown.

Phoebe is now a young lady — and Keoni, while I had somehow stuck in my head was 15, is actually a 5’5″ 12 year old.  (I might even be selling him short..)  I had wanted to spend more time with them but the schedule and circumstances just didn’t allow it.  I remember her as a chubby cherub-like little girl — and now she is a young lady with a boyfriend in tow and who, despite whatever contrary impressions others may have, has grown with such grace and wisdom.  I do not fault her for her shortcomings or mistakes, because it is through making mistakes that we learn.

Yet in my heart I will always hold her as that young little doll, no matter if that time should come when I see her walking the aisle.  Not yet, I begged.  (Looking up to the heavens in prayer!)  I remember her through the years and continue to marvel at how time has flown.  I look at Keoni, still a child at heart, but growing up to be quite a young man.  They are their mother’s treasure — and they will always be my children in a different way, but always special in my heart.

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