Have a "durger"

It was a crazy, crazy morning that started off with tepid shower water.  Not warm enough to get wet in, so I dialed the emergency hotline for maintenance and they had my hot shower running in half an hour.  Still, it set me back by a full hour which was rather nerve-wracking given all the deliverables today.  But I made it.

Durger, Mac & Cheese Bites, DoughnutThen I had to hit the ground running when I got to the office, and things only settled down at 12:30.  I was hungry and exhausted and my brain was fried.  I told the boss I was stepping out for lunch.  So I walked…and walked and came upon the “Trusty Truck” parked on the south west corner of 4oth and Avenue of the Americas.  Free tasting of their macaroni bites — hey!  And they were yummy… so I ended up ordering a Durger which, by their definition, is a burger in the shape of a hotdog.   And of course I got a full serving of macaroni bites. Durger, Mac & Cheese Bites, Doughnut

And I had spied this tiny doughnut kiosk the last time the tyke and I had gone around Bryant Park and I decided to stop by. $3.00/doughnut but DEFINITELY worth it! Go and look.. I got the Dulce de Leche which was just delicious!
Durger, Mac & Cheese Bites, Doughnut

I know, I’m being bad.  Seriously need to look at losing weight — but it was one of those days.  Besides, I’ve been good.  For the most part. =)  There are days when I want to be thankful that I’m working, but then it overtakes me and I start pining for my bed.

One more day then it’s the weekend.  I hope to make room for our Christmas tree and put it up. =)  Can’t wait.

It’s a cold, cold day in NYC today.  I’m thinking of taking out the scarves I’ve knitted and crocheted out of the closet.  I might finally trim my current project and attach the accessories I was hoping to put in.  (Pictures coming..)

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