Paper and pen

WritingI have been hearing a voice in my head prompting me to take paper and pen and write.  I don’t quite know what about, but I was told by a friend that if I were to write a book (ambitious!), I should do it on paper.

I don’t know if I’m writing to get the juices flowing for my dream to get published to become a reality — or is it simply another love letter to an older me in the not so distant future.


I used to journal longhand, back in the day when blogging was just in its infancy.  Or maybe even its toddler stages.  I have at least two books (or even three) I had written longhand in — and a third which was a Christmas or birthday present from the ex — once upon a time when he answer to the label “husband” or “honey”.  Then I stopped journaling, only to resume it around a decade later.

But before that, I went online and wrote.. took photos and wrote.. and I am still writing.  Not quite as much as I had hoped, but at least there is that conscious effort to write again.

My return to written journaling was spurred on by my discovery of art journaling.  I picked up a hardbound book and altered it with drawing and color and used it as my canvas.  This coincided with a very tumultuous time in my life which meant there was so much I needed to write down.  Although I have always said I am not an artist, I managed to create an altered book with my own version of artistic expression, filling the embellished pages with journaling over a period of two years.  Then my life somehow settled — some — and the upheaval subsided into a quiet calm.  I came to the end of my altered book.

I have tried to kick start my art journaling several times since, but with no success.  And yet I know I will keep trying.

So here I am now, pen in hand and almost to the third page of my first story.  I feel like that in itself is quite an achievement.  These days, I go with a joyful “yay!” to celebrate joy & Triumph.  And with a smile on my face, I know I am back into my love affair with paper and pen.

4 thoughts on “Paper and pen

  1. Mike

    Hi! I hope you still remember me!!! I just want you to know that I passed the 2018 Bar exams!!!! And you’re one of the reasons how I got where I am today!!! Thank you so much!!! (crying emoji)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are going to make me cry… congratulations!!! I am so proud of you and know this Is just the start of a new chapter bringing you to a world of new beginnings! Enjoy the moment and know you earned it!!!

      I hope you will indulge me if time permits and we can have coffee next time I’m back in Manila.. sometime soon. I want to congratulate you in person then..


      1. Lou

        Hello Dinah! Sorry I haven’t been in touch for awhile but i have not forgotten my friend in NY. I have lost your number from my frequent changing of sim cards from Chicago to Baguio. Am now in Chicago for my annual check up and plan to return to Baguio next month. Please stay in touch. Give my love to your good looking Angelo.


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