On my way to the bus stop this morning

Random: Walking to the bus stop: FULL MOON

I stepped out of the house just minutes after 7am hoping to catch the 7:30ish bus to Manhattan.  The sun was still on its way up and this caught my eye not 100 paces away from my doorstep.  Breathtaking.

I tried to do photo correction before uploading but the best version was the original one.  I rarely see the moon as detailed as this..

And finally, a shot of the trees as I walk closer to the bus stop.  See the flecks of yellow?

Random: On the Way to Walk.. Fall is hereI will try and photograph the same tree again tomorrow and monitor how it changes from day to day.  Now you see bits of yellow and before long, they will turn to a lovely fiery orange and bits of red and then it will be closer to winter and the branches will be bare.

I feel a whole lot better now and have been photographing my altered book and I’ve really made progress in that department.  I’m trying to experiment with doing designs directly on the page and I’m almost down to halfway up the book.  My word art is progressing rather nicely, and if time permits, I might write a new post on the section dedicated to my altered book here.  Why do I even bother, right?

I don’t know if its the calming effect of repetitive brush strokes or any brush stroke for that matter, or just the act of seeing something “growing” — but my happiness journal is helping me keep myself grounded on the “happy”.  In the mornings as I sit on the bus on the way to work, I distract myself from any negative thoughts by focusing on the positive.

It’s not always that easy.  There are those negative feelings of anger and pain that are sometimes difficult to shut out of our minds, more so, our hearts.  Sometimes we succeed but only momentarily, then we slip back.  There are days when it’s a constant tug-of-war of emotions and wits.  But I try to dwell on the happy instead of the sad or the angry.

I keep seeing that one line: “For every minute you are angry, you lose 60 seconds of happiness..” ( – Ralph Waldo Emerson. )  I’ll take “happiness” anytime.

Two Artist trading Cards (ATCs) are heading to Texas for a swap.

ATCs for Trade

I’m still learning but getting there.  Read more about how I made the cards above here.   (The link will take you to my other blog, Gotham Chick.)  Anyone interested to trade or swap, please e-mail me at postcardmailbox@gmail.com