Rainy Day in New York

Rainy Day in NY

It was a slow drive to Manhattan for work and the sun lazily slept behind the grey clouds today.  No sign of it shining and stretching its rays.

I just love my Blackberry Curve which takes the most fabulous pictures for a PDA.  But of course I have no idea how much better the i-touch or i-phone can be as I’ve never had the chance to use it, but as far as the point-and-shoots go, my blackberry has never failed me.

So it’s rainy in New York today and I have to trudge down to the post office — that or I walk down the maze to the mailroom somewhere in the labyrinth below the ground floor which wouldn’t be such a bad idea if it didn’t mean climbing back up.  (No elevators..)  It can wait.

Days like this make me want to rush home, but thinking about the traffic we will hit on the way back makes me rethink that thought.  (Too much thinking, I know.)  It’s gotten much, much colder now and the daylight goes much sooner.  Perfect for a nap.


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