Five things to do this (stormy) weekend (2/9-10)

The storm has hit a momentary lull — I’m not being fooled, though.  I know these things come and go, but the forecast is all night — and there is already a lot of snow on the ground as it is.

I only went to work in the morning but I feel exhausted and I had a splitting headache by the time I got home before 2pm.  Still, I managed to do some crafting creating Marian pendants, and I’m halfway through — just have to attach the glass domes into its metal settings.

Here’s my to-do list for this week:

1.  LIFE 4×6: Organize, date, journal (where necessary) and photograph the entries.

2.  Create more handmade cards (I have more brown paper bags that I’ve cut up and printed on).

3.  List more items in THE SHOP: Gothamchick on Etsy.

4.  Organize my swaps for mailing.

5.  Paint my nails.

I want to write here about my newfound friend, Kayenderes, a retired native American crafter from Canada, about what I do on Swap-bot, an interesting lunch with a work colleague..

Can we jump to summer please?

2 thoughts on “Five things to do this (stormy) weekend (2/9-10)

  1. You and me both– but I can’t even get out of my place just yet. We’re waiting for the maintenance guys to shovel the stairwell although they’ve plowed the walk. =( Central Park would make for a good photo subject right now indeed!


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