Between swaps

I’m almost ready to wrap up my Blogging Prompts for 30 Days Journal Swap — happily.  Meanwhile, I’m editing the first video of a minibook I had sent out last week.  I thought it would be a good way to document what I had made as pictures won’t do them justice.  I will wait for until the recipient actually gets them because I’d hate to spoil the surprise. 

So with my birthday week over, I’m officially 47.  Birthdays are a double-edged sword in many respects.  They bring both good and bad thoughts and memories and I can understand why some people opt to just let the day pass without a celebration.  That might just be the case the next time I hit another birthday.

I’ve been spending an inordinate amount of time playing Angry Birds these days.  Most nights, I even end up staying way past my midnight bedtime because I’m trying to clear a level.  With all the updates, I’ve actually had to brush up on my pig-smashing skills and I kind of like it.  =)  I think I’m going to lay low with the swaps after I complete the ones I had signed up for already.

Meanwhile, I have my Book of Treasures to finish tonight.  (If not tomorrow, hopefully.)  Another video to make once done.

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