The "ber" months

In the Philippines, Christmas begins when the “ber” months arrive with September — that is why it is touted that we have the longest Christmas season in the world.  And no, it does not end on Christmas day, December 25th, but rather on the Feast of the Three Kings which is the Sunday following New Year’s. 

So you will hear christmas carols playing on the radio — something I truly miss.  And I guess I ought to start on those little projects for the holidays — like the gift tags and the gift bags.  In the process of putting away my winter clothes and the small packages tucked under our bed, I even found a cardigan and sweater set I had bought from the winter sale earlier this year which I specifically picked to give to a girlfriend this christmas season.  (Talk about advance planning!)

I was also hoping to put together packages of small gifts instead of just getting one present for the friends I have here in in New York.  And of course, there are the gifts for my family back home.

After fixing our little home, I  hope to go all out this christmas with the decorations.  Candles, bears and bows galore!  It’s a small place so it shouldn’t be that difficult to fix.  It’s going to be quite a holiday season!



Craft Report: Starting to knit a new scarf

I have a single ball of this dyed multi color yarn, but I’ll go as far as I can go and play it by ear from there.. yup, haven’t quite finished the other one (can’t decide just yet which way to go after the two balls of yarn ran out..but that’s a shawl, this is a scarf). 

I’m doing 20 stitches using a pair of size 6 needles.  The repetitious motion is hypnotic and very relaxing indeed.  I’m keeping it simple, too.