0 thoughts on “Four CDs taken..

  1. oh, i have missed a lot in the past week! can i get a copy when we meet up? lol! let me know a nice place and i’ll try to find my way there! i am so clueless going around the city up until now! lol!


  2. Dinna

    Ces, definitely. I’ll send you a message through Friendster. Can we wait til week after next? I’m already “booked” for this coming weekend. One CD for you..


  3. Dinna

    Jerome, padala na kasi.. sabi namang willing to send anywhere..huwag lang sa Mars. That would be too pricey for poor little me. One CD reserved for you and Jher.. I know that’s conjugal anyway. LOL


  4. hi ate dinns, finally, a comment (and a cd yahoo!!) hehehe.
    just had my first blog entry a couple of days ago, and with just only 3 short entries i am starting to get hooked to it! btw, i added your blog among the still very few links i have there. more to come, and may the blogforce be with you. 🙂


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