Thank you for the words of wisdom & support

Thank you for all the encouraging words that I received in response to the post below.  Even Alan wrote me.  (I love you, honey.)  While others may have been afraid to overstep the boundaries of communication we have established here, let me say that I am touched by the effort to reach out to me and give me some words of advice — as if to give me the comfort of a hug.  They are all being considered.  Some, I have tried.  Again, I am very grateful.

At this point in time I think I have been re-energized to take things in stride.  (Until the next incident, I gues..)  It’s a fact of family life — you cannot choose your family like you can choose your friends.  I had a choice and I made it — I chose Alan and everything that comes with him.  Writing about it enables me to think things through from a detached perspective.  It’s like listening to my own voice.  I miss those friends I would usually confide in a time like this.  I would usually pick up the phone and arrange to meet up somewhere — we’d sit, we’d eat, we’d whine together.  (Pun intended. LOL)  The fact that I can laugh about it now tells me I’m in better shape.

We all develop our coping mechanisms.  There are choices out there if we take the time to find what works best for us.  For me, it’s speaking my heart out in my blog.  

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