Where we are in the grand scheme of things

One of the crowd drawers at the Central Park Zoo was this polar bear which was trying to cool itself in this pool of water.  He seemed bored to death by the crowd of people oohing and aaahing below.  I guess his main concern was this place just wasn’t like “home”.  But he was making do there — just passing time.  This is one bear who will be very happy when the temperature starts dropping again.

At first we thought he was a stuffed version of the real thing until he yawned and stuck his tongue out.  His movements were very graceful and slow — robotic in a sense.  But he was real.. very real.. chilling out in his corner of Central Park.

This trip to the zoo reminded me of my childhood when a trip to the Manila Zoo was always such a treat!  I even remember one field trip when I was in elementary when we made a stop there.  I do not remember any of the animals in the particular, but there is a sense of awe and excitement that I can still feel when I think about those early childhood memories of the zoo.  That’s one reason I so wanted to bring Angel to the Central Park Zoo for starters — and then maybe next summer, we might actually go to the Bronx Zoo which is the real pride and joy of New York.

Seeing all these beautiful creatures helps one appreciate his or her place in the grand scheme of things.  Their power and beauty can be both humbling and awe-inspiring.  Their inferiority in terms of intellect, though, serves as reminder that we were created with a higher purpose — and it’s our responsibility to live up to the demands of that gift.   

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