My Basil Babies

It’s already 6AM but it’s still pitch black outside.  We’re up really early this morning because Alan is headed off to another business meeting in Denver.

What a way to begin Monday. =)  I could’ve opted not to get up because Alan has left once or twice and I just felt him kissing me and Angel goodbye.  But I couldn’t let him leave without breakfast this time around.  So after he had his sandwich and coffee, here I am blogging bright and early waiting for the car service to pick him up.

It was raining a lot yesterday — here’s hoping it lets up today.

My basil garden by the window is helping to aromatize my dining room.  I had tried to raise three different herbs over spring but only the basil survived.  (Hey, I tried..)  I have two other small greens struggling but they are alive and well.  I hope to cultivate the basil to grow healthy enough through the winter and onto spring next yaer.  Mabe then I will be able to get a window planter that I can hang outside my window when it’s cool enough.

The cuttings I have in the office have grown healthy and are springing new parts which I will hopefully get to cut away into a separate plant before the year is out.  Talk about growing!

I have no illusions I have a green thumb but it’s very fulfilling to see the plants growing.  It gives me a sense of measurable accomplishment.  Of course I have to try hard this time so that they don’t go the way my calamansi plant did — it whittled away and died in the common garden outside my unit for lack of watering.  (Yes, I forgot.. I plead guilty.) 

5 thoughts on “My Basil Babies

  1. Dinna

    Ces, it’s been touch and go but they’re still alive and growing. I started with seeds literally, and I’ve split them into two rectangular containers. I need to move them again to let them take deeper root. Rosemary, though, is my dream herb on the window!


  2. Dinna

    Toni, they’re still seedlings.. can’t wait to see them all grown and big enough to make me some pesto! But they’re so fragrant and that in itself is relaxing.. keeping my fingers crossed they make it through the winter.. please!


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