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A comment from a fellow Pinoy:

Just a quick note to let you know I came across your blog and thoroughly enjoyed reading about your experience at Laduree.  Next time, if you really have a craving and don’t want to stand in line forever, try the one on the Rue Royale (close to the one on the Champs Elysees) or the Rue Bonaparte (further away) — there aren’t as many tourists and the selection is equally tempting.  Did you check out any of the other big patisseries — Dalloyau, Cador, and my favorite, Pierre Herme?
Please let me know if you’ve found a place in NY that carries Paris style macaroons!  I’ve been described by some as a pastry fanatic (I guess using pastry shops as landmarks in foreign cities will give you that reputation).  I live in Los Angeles but am in NY quite often.  You would think Payard or Celi-Cela would have them but alas, they don’t.   Which NY patisserie is your favorite?  Have you been to the new one across from Jacques Torres in Brooklyn (Amandine or Almondine … something like that)?
My response: 
Manny —

Thank you so much for taking the time to write.  I saw some other branches of Laduree but had saved it for the last day as I wrote.  And yes, we had tried Dalloyau which was also recommended by some of my husband’s bosses for their chocolate selection, and we
sampled some of the pastries of Pierre Herme which were the featured dessert when we ate at 1726.  A colleague of my husband’s took us to that fantastic restaurant one of the evenings we were there.  He took pains to explain to us that Pierre Herme was one of
the more distinguised pattiseries of Paris, because some of the pastries offered were on branded paper cups.

Unfortunately, I have yet to find Paris-style macaroons even in the French bistros/restaurants here.   I will keep an eye out for them and give you the heads up should I get lucky.  The thing is I keep away from the sweet shops here in New York, so I think I’d learn more from you.  My husband tries to steer me away from the pattiseries and bakeshops, and he only indulged my sweet tooth in Paris because it was Paris.   I will check out the ones you mentioned given the chance, except that I am never in Brooklyn.

Thanks again for taking the time.  If you ever feel like it, tell me more about your favorite spots here in NY.

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