Feedback on being Pinoy

Darryl responded to my response in a blogpost in relation to his recent visit here with:

Dinna, I’m flattered that one of your blog topics has been initiated by my comment to you. My trip to the Philippines was wonderful and my daughter was able to connect with her heritage. I am so proud of her since she was proud to be Pinay even before this trip. That is the great thing about extended family that is such a big part of our culture.She spent a lot of time being babysat by my Mom so her Pinay roots are firmly grounded. I’m sure Angel will be respectful because of his grandmother and mother’s influence. She even proudly tells her friends at school that her favorite food is sinigang and shares her lumpia shanghai with them. Her friends are from all races caucasian, indian, afghani, iranian. I can tell that because of her Pinay pride they all think that being from the Philippines is cool. She proudly proclaims that Apl from Black Eyed Peas and Nicole from Pussycat Dolls are part Filipinos. I wish I could take credit for this but growing up as a teenager I wanted to fit in therefore being different was not cool. So even though it looks really bleak right now, there is a chance your stepson will find the right path. Hopefully as my daughter gets older peer pressure won’t affect her. By the way, my wife is going to Paris next month for her annual shopping vacation. One thing I asked her to bring home are the macaroons from Laduree. This request is also due to your blog’s influence. I did try the macaroons at Bizu in Manila and actually it was pretty good, so I can’t wait to taste the best from Paris. Thanks for the blog and take care.

To which I replied: Darryl, thank you again. You have been mentioned in other posts in your absence, specially during that time I felt my blog was under siege from some undesirable elements spreading negativity all over the blogsphere.  But that’s a closed issue now.

I still find your earlier comment on growing up a teenager here in the US insightful even if it hasn’t really helped make the situation with the stepson any better.  But there is always the so-called light at the end of the tunnel — he will soon be eighteen.  (Counting the year and so many months with bated breath..)

Let me know how you found the Laduree goodies.  You really should sit down in their Salon de Te over at Champs Elysees.  They have around 5 branches around Paris, I believe, but this one is one of their “grander” branches.

If for some reason or other you find yourself in the big apple, please, please make sure you let me know way ahead and pencil me in!


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