E-mails on a Saturday Evening

I have been writing e-mails tonight.  My bestfriend Jonathan’s working visa and his family’s was approved last Friday and I was responding to the good news that greet me in my inbox this morning.  Jonathan is also a lawyer like me and was one of the inspirations for my own legal pursuits, but our friendship goes beyond law school to those fun days in College in UP Manila.  I was also e-mailing Fe, another lawyer, trying to comfort her 10,000 miles away. 

It’s a little difficult giving them each a hug when there are oceans separating us, but I let my words do it.  When I cannot be there, my words take me to them.

I tried working on scrapbook layouts but the inspiration nor the patience wasn’t there.  So I turned to the e-mails I have been meaning to write, and maybe in a while I will open one of the three novels I’m reading so its pages can take me to dreamland.  Maybe I might find the energy to write one of those cards or letters I have been planning to send out.

11PM.  It’s still early.  My Saturday nights are part of “me” time — spent quietly doing things just for myself — after I’ve tucked the boys in.



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