Can't wait to have Nikky here

Nikky is my youngest brother, 18 years younger.  (Calculating mentally —  since I’m turning 39, he is actually turning 21!)  I haven’t seen him since I visited Manila in 2002.  Right now, we are in the process of having him apply for a tourist visa so he can spend the summer here with me, helping take care of Angel while Mom takes a sabbatical at home.  (Actually, she has to exit as her visa extension runs out on April 22.)  I am looking forward to having him here in New York for 2 months, until Mom returns sometime mid-June, when Nikky has to go back to Manila to resume his studies.  (He’s in an incoming 4the year PT Student at UERM)

Eversince I arrived here in New York in 2000, a constant wish in my heart was for my family back home to “experience” life here as I discovered it from day to day.  My sister Offie has been here twice and will be coming a third time this year if plans don’t miscarry.  My mother is here with me right now.  Only Nikky and my brother Abril have yet to make it here, and I can’t wait to have Nikky here finally.

For the longest time, every time I entered a store or a shop, I would see a ton of things I’d like to get for them.  Having them actually here is something that makes me happy and fulfilled beyond words. With Nikky here, I hope to show him another side of the world he’s beginning to know better as he grows older.  I want to show him what kind of life he can have if he chooses to eventually join me here..   I just want him to enjoy Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, all the cookies and chocolates he wants, and just have a fun time exploring this side of the world.. soon..


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