The Things We Take Forgranted: Manicures & Pedicures

My usual routine was to have my nails done twice a week — once to actually have them cleaned and polished, and the second just to change polish.  This went on like clockwork for most of my professional life in Manila.  It helped that we had our own beauty parlor, but sometimes when things weren’t good between Dad and me, I opted to have it done at Regine’s in Greenbelt.

When I came here to the US, I decided to start doing my own nails.  I was vain enough to have learned how to change my own polish, and in time, I found a nail nipper to help me deal with my cuticles which had gotten used to regular trimming.  I managed to be able to take good care of them and even grow very long nails despite the fact that I did the dishes by hand and did regular housework. 

Unfortunately, having a baby has changed all that and now I am confined to just trimming my nails to a decent shape.  I haven’t had nail polish in ages!  I look back to that time when my digits were so pampered and I realize I had taken that all but forgranted.  It’s not even a matter of cost or availability of the service, but rather the time to buff and paint and allow to dry — all that takes forever and a day when I hardly have time to do as much as pick up and tidy the room.

So these days I keep a small tub of petroleum jelly on my desk at work.  I notice my cuticles getting dry and dab a little on each fingernail to help moisturize it.  I’d love to have my nails done back home.. the way I’d always been used to having it done.

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