The Saga Continues..

I like that title.  I’m torn between actually writing about our continuing telenovela here or the bigger drama playing out in Manila right now.  But let’s stick to the more important issue at hand — what’s happening in the Motherland.

As a continuation of an earlier post where I made reference to Dong Puno’s article ( “L’etat, c’est moi” which roughly translates to “The State, it is Me”) in last Monday’s Philippine Star, here’s a second installment continuing that discussion in today’s edition of his column entitled “What National Emergency?”.

Rather than repeat what Dong points out in his discourses and just rehashing his arguments, let me say that I find his perspective identical to mine.  I think these are the questions we should be asking, and if we are to hold on to our freedom, we must continue to ask them.



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