Eating Thai for a Saturday date

This weekend was all about family.  Saturday night, Alan and I had dinner at our favorite Thai restaurant here in Queens, Erawan Thai (42-31 Bell Blvd., 718-428-2112) , but we went to their branch which was a Seafood and Steakhouse a few blocks away, formerly 39East (13-41 43rd Avenue, 718-229-1620).  (No pictures, sorry.. too crowded on a Saturday night to take pictures..)

The original Erawan was one of the first restaurants Alan took me to in Bayside, and it’s a favorite Thai restaurant we go to for the Pad Thai and the ultra spicy fish fillet.  The seafood and steakhouse was a little pricier than the other place — Manhattan prices as Alan said, but he loves their lychee martini and we love the food.

The Thai iced tea is also the real thing, so if you’re driving through the area or you want to try a restaurant outside Manhattan, go try Erawan.

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