Coming down with something

I’ve lived with asthma all my life and it’s now something I anticipate when the seasons change from cold to warm.  I’ve been feeling under the weather lately, probably due to the ficklemindedness of Mother Nature about whether or not it will finally get warmer here on my side of the world.

My tonsils have been killing me for most of the week and last night, I tried to take some Nyquil to hold off the flu.  Not much luck, and I’ve been feeling chilly of late.  Again, ginawin ako.  Even after 6 years of living here, I still can’t get used to it.

Fortunately, my asthma is more of an allergy and not really a full-blown condition.  I don’t take maintenance meds and only grab my inhaler when I’m actually in the middle of an attack which lasts anywhere from one to two weeks.  Hopefully not..

Meanwhile, I have to drink water to death to keep myself hydrated.  I might yet lick this one and not succumb to another bout of asthma this time of the year.

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