Lost in a whirl of a day

My morning was jump started by a small fire in my Mom’s room.  She has this little altar on a table on which she has a candle lit at all hours of the day.  For some reason, the candle in the jar had a stick in it and it caught fire.  Alan and I were playing with Angel on the bed when Alan smelled something burning and he caught it on time.  The only thing was that he panicked.  I put a towel on top of the burning jar but it did not immediately snuff out the fire, although with the deprivation of the oxygen supply, I knew it would have eventually died.  Instead Alan tried to fan the flame hoping to kill it, and in the process pulled the burning bottle which broke on the carpet floor.  End result: burn stains on the carpet, my mom was rattled silly, and Alan and I had an adrenalin rush.

I was carrying Angel all this time and the poor boy had no idea what the commotion was all about.  We’re okay now.  Mom has vowed not to light any more candles in the room.  I gave her the carpet stain remover and I’m sure she’ll be working on the carpet all day today.

At the office, the boss is running from meeting to meeting and I am trying to keep up with her in terms of files, and keeping her on time.  So far she hasn’t run amuck yet, so I guess we’re still in good shape.  My brain is floating off to nowhere, though.  I think I’m getting things done but I wish I could get more done.  I’m getting there.

I look at Angel’s pictures decorating my cubicle and a smile crosses my face again.  Just one more night and it’s the weekend again. 

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