Wrapping up another weekend

I like weekends.  Not just because it means there’s no work — but more importantly because it gives me time to spend on the things that matter the most to me.  Alan’s away this weekend but I got to spend a quiet Sunday with Mom and Angel at home.  I was planning to venture out but then the snow decided it for me — no way I would want to brave the cold.  So we chose instead to spend the day watching “I will Survive” and “Pedro Penduko, Episode II”.  Mom enjoyed it.  I welcomed the chance to nap.  I don’t remember napping like I did today in recent weeks.

I tried to get a page or two in the scrapbook done, and I haven’t touched my laptop except to do these blogposts. 

Here I am again thinking of the week ahead, thinking of the next couple of days.  I forgot I have a dinner engagement tomorrow.  (Two former officemates at Allstate and I are meeting up.)  Now at the last minute I feel like backing out but now think I might as well go for it.

The boss is back at work tomorrow but will be off at an offsite Tuesday and Wednesday again. 

I haven’t won the lotto yet but I’m keeping my fingers crossed. (Talk about optimism!)  I’ve got my dollar and my dream.  Happy Monday!

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