All the fuss about 24

Keifer Sutherland is one of my all time crushes, way back when he was still part of the brat pack and he had the women swooning over his bad boy portrayals in movies like Stand by Me (1987), The Lost Boys (1987), Young Guns (1988), A Few Good Men (1992), and The Sentinel (2006) just to name a few.  (Links will open on the IMDB pages of the movies listed)

Last night was the two-hour season premier of Season 6 of 24 but we had to tape the show as we had dinner with some friends down at Chinatown.  Unfortunately, Alan failed to turn off the time block on our parental contol option so the cable turned off at 9PM, making us miss the second hour.  This is clearly upsetting given that the next two hours will be playing tonight, so missing one of the first two hours would’ve left quite a big gap.  Thanks to technology, I managed to download the full second episode which took forever and a day since I was downloading from home, but which we watched together over breakfast of pancakes this morning.

What can I say?  24 just keeps getting better and better.  What I would love to see, though, is Donald Sutherland, Keifer’s real father, guesting on the show as who else — Jack Bauer’s father.  Wouldn’t that be such a blast?

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