My sweet indulgence this weekend — Chocolate Fondue

We stayed home all weekend to give Angel a chance to recuperate from the on and off fever (which finally abated overnight Saturday) and his coughing, what with the inclement weather that’s been hogging New York and much of the East Coast of late.  It meant eating all meals at home, keeping away from the malls (until Sunday afternoon at least) and just lounging away in front of the TV.

We did our grocery shopping yesterday while Angel napped and my mother-in-law watched over him.  I had dinner taken cared of (Arroz a la cubana with plantains and fried eggs as a side), and I decided to prepare some chocolate fondue as a special treat.

I have a ceramic mini-fondue burner which works well with a votive candle, but I decided to do without it this time.  I got some strawberries and ripe bananas, a giant bar of special dark chocolate, some chocolate chips and I already had the milk in the fridge.  While chocolate alone works well, it can get too thick and tends to burn.  One thing I had learned surfing the web for chocolate fondue recipes is that it’s important that you work with a liquid base that will help you melt the chocolate evenly even if you’re not using a double boiler.  There are recipes that suggest using corn syrup.  Some recipes suggest using some heavy cream, I use 2% milk. 

You really have to eyeball it and use just enough to make sure the base of your pan is covered, so that any chocolate that melts doesn’t go straight to the bottom of the pan which can lead it to burn easily.  I broke off the chocolate bar into smaller pieces (after having left it in room temperature to make it melt easire) and stirred as it melted.  I only added the chocolate chips to temper off the intensity of the dark chocolate and voila, a special dessert for a quiet evening at home.

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