Hoping to do some crafts again

I purposely didn’t include this in my summer “to-do” list because I am crafting all year round.  And now that it’s warm enough, I can work with paper, I can start knitting scarves for the winter, and I can work on reusing some of the fancy and expensive yarns from one of Alan’s sweaters I’ve decided to keep.

Maybe I’ll finally finish that cross stitch project of the icon of Our Lady of Perpetual Help and get it framed before winter is here again.  I have beads galore to make into chokers and necklaces.  (New York has some of the best bead stores here in the US right on Avenue of the Americas or 6th Avenue towards Herald Square.  Look for the stores between 38th and 34th street.)

I look forward to taking more pictures this summer than last summer.  Now that I have not only my camera but Alan’s as well, that makes for more photos to play around with.  (Not counting those crude shots from my pink Razr.)  Here’s one I’m very proud of — even decked with some scrapbooking elements I made myself.

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